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Ayodhya news : Now Ayodhya’s Hanuman Garhi Laddus Receive Prestigious GI Tag

Ayodhya : A Culinary Recognition of Distinction

Ayodhya news 09 jan ( CITY TIMES). In a momentous development, the renowned Hanumangarhi Laddu of Ayodhya has attained the coveted Geographical Indication (GI) tag, following in the footsteps of Tirupati Balaji. The GI tag, akin to a certification of uniqueness, sets this delectable offering apart from others. Initiated in India on September 15, 2003, the GI tag became a stamp of distinction, with Darjeeling Tea securing the inaugural position.

Devotees Exult as Hanumangarhi Laddu Seals its Unique Identity

The news of Hanumangarhi Laddu securing the GI tag has sent ripples of joy among the devotees. Manish Singh, a fervent follower who has been visiting the Hanumangarhi temple for a decade, shared his elation. Participating in the early morning Mangla aarti, he expressed, “Today, I came to know that the Hanumangarhi Laddus are registered for the GI tag. It is a matter of great pride for all of us.”

A Culinary Achievement Echoed by the Masses

The ripple of delight extends beyond individual devotees to the entire community. Manish Singh, highlighting the collective sentiment, asserted, “It is a great achievement.” The makers of Hanumangarhi Laddu took a moment to express gratitude towards the government for spearheading this significant initiative.

A Moment of Joy for Ayodhya and Modak Samaj

The registration of Hanumangarhi Laddu for the GI tag is not only a source of joy for the citizens of Ayodhya but also for the broader Modak Samaj. Overwhelmed by the achievement, a spokesperson for the laddu makers said, “This is just like icing on the cake, as we are inaugurating the Ram Mandir on one hand, and on the other hand, Hanumangarhi Laddu has been registered for the GI tag.”

A Historical Delicacy with Global Appeal

The fame of Hanumangarhi Laddu transcends geographical boundaries. Renowned for ages, people carry these delectable treats to distant places. The laddu maker explained, “The specialty associated with Hanumangarhi Laddus is that there are different ways of making them, but everybody likes it.”

Hanuman Garhi: Ayodhya’s Guardian Temple

Nestled in Ayodhya, the world-famous temple of Bajrangbali Hanumangarhi holds immense significance. Lord Hanuman is revered as the Kotwal (guardian) of Ayodhya, and according to local belief, no one can have the darshan of Lord Ram without his benevolent permission.

A Sweet Symphony of Tradition and Recognition

In conclusion, the registration of Hanumangarhi Laddu for the GI tag marks a significant milestone, not just for the temple devotees but for the entire Ayodhya community. This recognition intertwines culinary tradition with official acknowledgment, amplifying the cultural resonance of this delectable treat. As Ayodhya continues to make strides in both spiritual and cultural realms, the Hanumangarhi Laddu stands as a sweet testimony to the city’s rich heritage.

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