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NMDC Steel Plant Commences Operation of Maa Danteshwari Blast Furnace

Historic Moment as Second Largest Blast Furnace Lights Up at NMDC Steel Plant

Hyderabad, August 14, 2023: NMDC, the nation’s premier public sector enterprise, achieved a significant milestone with the initiation of blast furnace operations at its state-of-the-art steel plant located in Nagarnar, Chhattisgarh.

Blasting into Action:

In a momentous event, Shri Amitava Mukherjee, CMD (Additional Charge) of NMDC, ignited the “Maa Danteshwari” Blast Furnace, symbolizing the commencement of operations. The event witnessed the presence of senior NMDC and NSL management, including Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty, Director (Production); Shri Vishwanath Suresh, Director (Commercial); Shri Vinay Kumar, Director (Technical); and Shri B. Vishwanath, Chief Vigilance Officer, alongside other stakeholders.

A Significant Leap:

The activation of the “Maa Danteshwari” Blast Furnace marks a pivotal step towards the steel plant’s operational readiness. The blast furnace’s operations kicked off after the successful loading of essential materials, including 1700 T Coke, 985 T Sinter, 270 T Iron Ore, and 245 T Fluxes.

Commitment to Excellence:

Shri Mukherjee highlighted the plant’s mission to produce HR Coils, Sheets, Plates, and Hot Metal while adhering to a zero-discharge philosophy. The NMDC Steel Plant boasts cutting-edge technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The successful accomplishment of this task was acknowledged as a testament to the collective efforts of Team NSL, MECON, and the unwavering support from SAIL, RINL, JSW, JSPL, and other stakeholders.

Engineering Marvel:

The colossal 4,506 m³ Blast Furnace in Nagarnar, designed to generate a daily output of 9,500 tonnes of Hot Metal, is a product of advanced engineering. Constructed by TATA Projects Limited in collaboration with Danieli Corus BV from the Netherlands, this furnace exemplifies state-of-the-art infrastructure. MECON Limited played a pivotal role as a consultancy partner, ensuring the project’s seamless execution.

Paving the Path:

NMDC’s Iron and Steel Plant stands as a testament to modern industrial prowess, showcasing a sophisticated 3 MTPA capacity Integrated Steel Plant. This monumental facility, situated on 1800 acres of land, comes with a sanctioned cost of INR 23,840 crores. NMDC’s journey towards creating the plant began in October 2022 when NMDC Steel Limited emerged as a separate entity from NMDC Limited.

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