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Twitter’s Important Transformation: “Tweets” to Be Called “Posts” Now: 10 Key Changes Redefining User Experience ; New Terms Of Service Unveiled

Twitter’s Important Transformation: These changes, slated to go live on September 29, bring forth a transformative shift in the platform’s functionality and user experience. Let’s delve into the details of these noteworthy modifications

Mumbai, 08 September(City Times): Twitter’s Important Transformation : In a recent announcement, X Corporation, led by the enigmatic Elon Musk, has unveiled a series of significant alterations to its platform’s terms of service. These changes, slated to go live on September 29, bring forth a transformative shift in the platform’s functionality and user experience. Let’s delve into the details of these noteworthy modifications:

1. “Tweets” Transform into “Posts”

One of the most conspicuous changes is the rebranding of “tweets” into “posts” and “retweets” into “reposts.” The familiar term “Twitter” will be entirely replaced with “X” throughout the platform. This rebranding reflects the company’s desire to redefine its identity and potentially expand its horizons. (X Corporation’s Important Transformation)

2. Stricter Data Usage Guidelines

X Corporation is also rolling out stringent guidelines regarding data usage. The updated terms explicitly prohibit any form of crawling or scraping of the platform’s content without prior written consent from the corporation. This represents a shift from the previous policy, which permitted crawling in accordance with the provisions of the robots.txt file.

3. A Closer Look at User Privacy Measures

Starting September 29, users will encounter more comprehensive measures pertaining to user privacy. The corporation will request user consent to collect biometric data, a step taken with safety, security, and identification purposes in mind. The revised privacy policy explicitly outlines how biometric data will be employed, emphasizing that its use is contingent on user consent.(X Corporation’s Important Transformation )

4. Harnessing Personal Information for a Tailored Experience

Another pivotal change involves the collection and utilization of personal information. X Corporation will gather data such as employment and educational history, job preferences, skills, and more. This wealth of information will serve multiple purposes, including suggesting relevant job opportunities, sharing pertinent details with employers during job applications, aiding employers in finding suitable candidates, and delivering highly tailored advertising to users.

5. Battling Misinformation with Community Notes

In its ongoing battle against misinformation, X Corporation has introduced an innovative feature. Users can now attach community notes to misleading or AI-generated videos on the platform. This feature builds upon the existing fact-checking tool, which is already accessible to select users for flagging fake or misleading images and text.

6. The Significance of the Rebranding

The rebranding of tweets to posts and retweets to reposts, along with the replacement of “Twitter” with “X,” signifies a deliberate effort to redefine the platform’s image and possibly broaden its scope. This could indicate that X Corporation is gearing up for new horizons in the world of social media and online interaction.

7. The Push for Data Protection

The enhanced data usage guidelines represent a significant shift towards protecting user data. By disallowing crawling or scraping of content without explicit consent, X Corporation is taking a proactive stance on safeguarding user-generated content from misuse.

8. User Privacy at the Forefront

User privacy has taken center stage with these changes. The explicit request for consent before collecting biometric data underscores the corporation’s commitment to maintaining user trust and ensuring transparency in data handling.

9. Personalization for Enhanced User Experience

The incorporation of personal information to facilitate a tailored user experience is a notable step. By leveraging users’ job histories, preferences, and skills, X Corporation aims to provide a more engaging and relevant online journey.

10. The Battle Against Misinformation

The introduction of community notes for videos adds an additional layer in the fight against misinformation. This feature empowers users to actively contribute to a more accurate and reliable online environment, enhancing the platform’s overall credibility.

X Corporation’s platform overhaul is poised to redefine the way users interact with the platform, emphasizing data protection, privacy, personalization, and the ongoing struggle against misinformation. These changes mark a pivotal moment in the corporation’s journey towards shaping a safer, more user-centric digital landscape.

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