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Unmasking the shocking Terror: Auto Shankar’s Terrifying Rule in Madras Crime Space

Auto Shankar: The Notorious Criminal Who Shook Madras crime space with his Reign of Terror.

  • The Dual Persona: Driver by Day, Brutal Serial Killer by Night.
  • Periyar Nagar: The Dark Underworld Hub That Housed Criminal Enterprise.
  • Unveiling the Shades of Grey: Conflicting Realities Surrounding criminal’s Infamous Legacy.
  • A Serial Killer’s Macabre Trail: Murders, Brothels, and Political Connections That Rocked Tamilnadu
Summary: Delving into the intriguing tale of Auto Shankar, the Serial Killer mass murderer. From the humble neighborhood of Periyar Nagar to the dark underworld of crime, his multifaceted persona captivates. As a serial killer, brothel operator, and liquor smuggler, he left an indelible mark on the city. Unveiling the shadows of his past reveals the complexities of a man both feared and respected, leaving us to ponder the unanswered questions that shroud his legacy.

Chennai, 16 July(City Times): Unveiling the enigma of Auto Shankar, the infamous criminal who struck fear into the heart of Tamilnadu. In the quiet lanes of Periyar Nagar, far from the glitz of beachside apartments, lies the house that once belonged to Gauri Shankar. driver, serial killer, influential pimp—Shankar wore many faces. This is the untold story of a man who shook the city with his reign of terror.

A Neighborhood Shrouded in Mystery:

Periyar Nagar: an unassuming neighborhood tucked away from Chennai’s bustling streets. Here lies the house of Gauri Shanka, the infamous criminal and serial killer of Tamilnadu who terrorized this state in the 1990s. Amidst dilapidated homes and open drains, his family still resides, serving as a reminder of the legacy he left behind.

The Man with Many Faces:

Shades of Grey: Serial killers’s complex persona baffles the city. Was he a notorious criminal, a sleazy womanizer, or a respected figure in Periyar Nagar? The conflicting narratives paint a blurred image of the man responsible for at least six brutal murders.

Shadows of Crime Cast on Tamilnadu:

A Reign of Crime: His criminal empire thrived in a different era of Tamilnadu. With no mobile phones and limited urban sprawl, he exploited the narrow coastal roads connecting fishing hamlets. Smuggling illicit liquor and running brothels, His influence grew, even infiltrating the ranks of the police and politicians.

The Dark Trade and Rising Power:

From Liquor to Sex Trade: As this Serial killer ofTamilnadu transported liquor through the coastal villages, he encountered the sex work industry in Mahabalipuram. Using his rickshaw, he became involved in ferrying women between the city and the tourist town. Expanding his operations, he established brothels in Thiruvanmiyur, attracting a clientele that included influential figures.

The Brutal Crimes that Haunt Tamilnadu:

Macabre Killing Spree: His crimes escalated, fueled by a potent mix of business and pleasure. A fight over a girl from his brothel led to the murders of three individuals, their bodies hidden in the ground or sealed within walls. Lalitha, a performer he fell in love with, met a tragic end along with his friend Sudalaimuthu.

Unearthing the Truth:

Hidden Secrets: This killer’s crimes involved burying Lalitha’s body in Periyar Nagar and burning Sudalaimuthu’s remains. The mysterious disappearance of nine young girls sparked fears of a serial killer, with later confessing to abducting them for the perverted desires of influential politicians. However, their identities and names remain unknown.

The Elusive Names:

Unspoken Truths: The extent of criminal’s connections with politicians remains veiled in secrecy. Despite rumors implicating leaders of a major political party, concrete evidence never emerged. Seized materials, including pornographic content and compromising images, were confiscated and likely destroyed.

A House of Infamy:

The Rise and Fall: By the time Serial Killers reign ended, he had built a house in Periyar Nagar, surrounded by a powerful gang. Top politicians and police officers attended his house-warming ceremony, captured on video. The political climate changed, sealing his fate and preventing him from becoming a formidable underworld figure or prominent politician.

The Legacy Lives On:

Periyar Nagar’s Remembrance: Today, Serial killers house stands as a stark reminder of a dark chapter in Tamilnadu’ history. The shadow of his crimes still lingers, forever etching his name into the fabric of this humble neighborhood.

Unveiling the Unanswered:

The Untold Tale: The incomplete story of killer raises numerous unanswered questions. What became of the missing girls? Who were the influential politicians involved? As time passes, the truth may forever remain obscured, leaving serial killer’s story as a haunting enigma in Madras’ past.

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