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Chennai Flood Impact: Rajinikanth Poes Garden Residence Submerged

Chennai Flood Impact : Rajinikanth’s House Hit by Cyclone, Fans Express Concern

Chennai Flood Impact : Superstar’s Absence, Bollywood Rescues, and Ongoing Challenges

Chennai, 07 December(City Times): Chennai Flood Impact : Chennai, renowned for its cultural richness and opulence, faced the wrath of Cyclone Michaung, sparing not even the residence of the iconic Superstar Rajinikanth. In the aftermath, a distressing video captured the Poes Garden locality submerged in floodwater, leaving fans astonished. This incident unfolds a series of events, from the viral video to the impact on celebrities and ongoing rescue efforts.

Rajinikanth Poes Garden Residence Submerged Viral Video: A Fan’s Perspective:

A devoted fan’s lens captured the distressing aftermath of the cyclone, revealing a water-stagnated road in front of Rajinikanth’s residence. The footage portrays the entire area submerged, reflecting the severity of the flood caused by Cyclone Michaung’s relentless downpour.

Fan Reactions and Concerns:

Online communities expressed shock and concern for the beloved Superstar, with one user commenting, “Thalaivarkae indha nilamaiya? (Even Thalaivar is in such a bad state).” This sentiment echoed the widespread worry about the impact of the natural disaster on Rajinikanth and his residence.

Rajinikanth’s Absence and Family’s Safety Measures:

Reports indicate that Rajinikanth was away in Tirunelveli for the shoot of his upcoming film, Thalaivar 170, directed by TJ Gnanavel. Ensuring the safety of his family, they relocated from the Poes Garden house to a different, safer location.

Celebrity Involvement and Aamir Khan’s Rescue:

While actor Vijay promptly addressed the situation and urged his organization members to collaborate with the government for relief efforts, Rajinikanth is yet to make a statement. A surprising turn of events occurred when Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan was rescued from Chennai’s Karappakkam area, drawing attention on social media.

Impact on Tamil Actors and Ongoing Challenges:

Several Tamil actors, including Namitha, Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan, Aditi Balan, Shanthanu, and Aathmika, were also affected by the floods. Despite the rain cessation, stagnant water persists in many areas, posing challenges for the government’s relief efforts.

Government Response and Rajnath Singh’s Visit:

Efforts to alleviate the aftermath continue, with Union Minister Rajnath Singh scheduled to visit Chennai on Friday to assess the situation. The government’s response and ongoing initiatives are crucial in mitigating the challenges posed by the floods.

Rajinikanth’s Professional Commitments:

On the professional front, Rajinikanth remains dedicated to Thalaivar 170, featuring notable actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Fahadh Faasil, and Rana Daggubati. Furthermore, a collaboration with Lokesh Kanagaraj for an untitled film in April 2024 adds anticipation to his upcoming projects.

The Chennai floods have not spared even the abode of the revered Superstar Rajinikanth, revealing the vulnerability of even the most affluent areas. As rescue operations unfold and celebrities contribute to relief efforts, the impact of this natural calamity goes beyond submerged streets, reaching the hearts of fans and the entire community.

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