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Fisherman Dies in Kosasthalaiyar River Collision

Fisherman from Mugathuvara Kuppam lost his life when his fishing boat reportedly collided with debris inside Kosasthalaiyar River early on Thursday morning

Chennai, 24 August(City Times): A tragic incident occurred in Ennore as a fisherman from Mugathuvara Kuppam lost his life when his fishing boat reportedly collided with debris inside Kosasthalaiyar River early on Thursday morning. The debris was allegedly dumped for the construction of Tantransco transmission towers, leading to concerns about the safety of the river.

Fishing Trip Turns Tragic:

Vignesh, a 31-year-old fisherman, had set out for a fishing trip on Wednesday night, but when he didn’t return by Thursday morning, local fishermen initiated a search. Sadly, Vignesh’s lifeless body was found after his boat capsized. The incident left his pregnant wife and young daughter behind, causing immense grief within the community.

Protest Over Alleged Negligence:

The fisherman’s death sparked anger and grief among fellow fishermen and family members. They staged a protest, blaming the tragedy on debris dumped in the river for the Tantransco tower construction. Some protestors alleged that Vignesh’s boat collided with debris near the VNC Bridge, where an unauthorized tower was being erected. They claim that the illegal tower placement led to the accident.

Official Denial and Dispute:

A senior police official refuted the allegations, asserting that Vignesh’s death resulted from the boat capsizing rather than the presence of transmission towers. The official dismissed accusations of misinformation spreading. However, local fishermen and their families continue to voice concerns about the safety hazards posed by the debris and the unauthorized construction in the river.

History of Concerns:

This incident is not an isolated case. Earlier, fishermen from Ennore and nearby villages expressed worries about the risks posed by transmission towers and debris in the river. Protests were staged on July 26, with fishermen urging the government to address the safety issues. Their concerns led to demonstrations involving fishermen from various parts of the city.

Calls for Action:

The tragic death of Vignesh has intensified calls for authorities to address the safety concerns of fishermen and their families in the area. The incident highlights the need for a thorough investigation into the collision and the safety measures taken during construction activities in the river.

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