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SCBS-ICAHP Collaboration: Empowering Behavioural Health: Breaking Chains, 7 Transformative Programs for a Brighter Future

Gandhinagar, 09 November(City Times): SCBS-ICAHP Collaboration : In a ground breaking initiative, the School of Criminology and Behavioural Sciences (SCBS), in collaboration with the Interim Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professions (ICAHP), orchestrated a Brainstorming Workshop on Applied Psychology/Behavioural Health Landscape.” The workshop, held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, stands as a significant stride towards reshaping the education and professional landscape of Behavioural Health.

SCBS-ICAHP Collaboration Inauguration and Key Participants

The inauguration of the workshop took place on the 7th of November 2023, with key participants including Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU), Dr. S.L. Vaya, Chief Mentor of SCBS, Dr. Kavita Narayan, Sr. Technical Advisor, HRH, MoHFW, and Dr. Poonam Meena, DS, AHS MoHFW.

The primary objective of the workshop was to review the existing curriculum and scenarios of Behavioral Health professions, addressing challenges such as role demarcation, nomenclature compatibility, and the categories of available professionals.

SCBS-ICAHP Collaboration

Collaborative Curriculum Enhancement

The collaborative effort between SCBS and ICAHP aims to provide a structured curriculum for the Working Group of Experts on the behavioral health landscape. This includes developing high-quality training programs aligned with industry standards and requirements. The agenda of the workshop was to discuss the nomenclature of new roles and curriculum, meeting the growing demand for professionals in the behavioral healthcare sector.

SCBS-ICAHP Collaboration : Empowering Future Professionals

Insights from key speakers emphasized the importance of empowering future professionals in the field of behavioural healthcare. Dr. Kavita Narayan stressed the need for diversification in psychology, providing students with opportunities to explore different specializations. This approach allows students to establish a career in a field of their interest, enhancing their employability prospects and contributing to the growth of the mental healthcare sector.

Dr. Manas Kumar Mandal, Distinguished Visiting Professor at IIT-Kharagpur and Emeritus Resource Faculty of SCBS, highlighted the purpose of new programs. He stated, “Our focus shall be orienting students towards their job-based career (professional enrichment in areas like startups, guidance & counseling, testing & evaluation, rehabilitation, market survey, criminal investigation, advertising & media, etc.) as well as research-based career where students get an opportunity to work on social problems to provide grassroots solutions to everyday challenges.”

(Prof.) Dr. L. Sam Sudheer Manickam, Professor of Clinical Psychology, brought attention to the role of psychologists in facilitating the nation’s development. He emphasized the need to work on the overall economic, social, and mental well-being of every individual at the grassroots level.

Shaping Careers and Fostering Research

The workshop delved into the purpose of the new programs, focusing on two essential aspects: job-based careers and research opportunities. This dual-focus approach allows individuals to upskill themselves, enabling career advancement and professional development. The emphasis on research-based careers provides students with the opportunity to work on social problems, offering grassroots solutions to everyday challenges.

Professor (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor of RRU, highlighted RRU’s mission and its commitment to developing top-notch professionals equipped to serve the nation. He emphasized the crucial role of research and education in interdisciplinary fields for the betterment of the future of this developing nation.

A Commitment to Excellence

This collaborative workshop signifies a commitment to excellence, empowerment, and inclusivity. It heralds a brighter future for the allied and mental healthcare industry and those seeking to make a meaningful impact within it. The curated programs will be designed and delivered efficiently to ensure accessibility for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In conclusion, the SCBS and ICAHP collaborative workshop is a pivotal step towards transforming behavioural health education. By addressing challenges, diversifying specializations, and emphasizing research opportunities, the workshop aims to produce professionals equipped to meet the evolving demands of the industry. The commitment to excellence and inclusivity ensures a brighter future for both individuals entering the field and the overall growth of the behavioural healthcare sector.

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