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SWRWWO Organizes Science Workshop for Students

Hubballi, 13 JULY (City Times): South Western Railway Women’s Welfare Organization (SWRWWO) organized a science workshop today for the students of SWRWWO English medium high school located on Gadag Road, Hubballi. The workshop was conducted by Professor (Dr.) S. M. Shivaprasad, Director of Karnataka State Higher Education Academy, Dharwad. Dr. Vandana Srivastava, President of SWRWWO, warmly welcomed Professor Shivaprasad.

During the workshop, Professor Shivaprasad highlighted the significance of involving students in learning the fundamental concepts of science. He engaged the students through interactive demonstrations, focusing on topics such as the periodic table, ionic bonds, and covalent bonds. His aim was to make science education more engaging and accessible for the students.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the students to deepen their understanding of science and develop a passion for the subject. By incorporating interactive teaching methods and practical examples, Professor Shivaprasad aimed to enhance the students’ interest in scientific principles.

SWRWWO remains committed to organizing educational initiatives that empower students and promote a love for learning. The science workshop conducted at SWRWWO English medium high school in Hubballi was a successful endeavor, inspiring students to explore the wonders of science and nurturing their scientific curiosity.



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