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Tirruppur Murder: 4 Family Members, Including BJP Leader, Hacked to Death

Tirruppur Murder: Head of the BJP Madapur panchayat branch And 3 Members of his family Killed, police arrested one of the suspect, Chellamuthu, from Manaparai, Trichy, who is now under investigation. The search is ongoing for the two remaining individuals involved

Chennai, 04 September (City Times): Tirruppur Murder: In the serene neighborhood of Kallaginaru, near Palladam, an escalating family dispute culminated in an unimaginable tragedy. Senthilkumar, a local involved in the bran and punna business, had been at odds with his former employee, Venkatesan, a native of Thoothukudi. Venkatesan’s dismissal from his position by Senthilkumar had fanned the flames of simmering tensions.

An Unimaginable Act of Violence

On the somber day of September 4th, a confrontation between the two parties took a ghastly turn. Venkatesan, accompanied by two companions, confronted Senthilkumar near his residence. Amidst heated exchanges, Senthilkumar questioned the presence of the trio near his home. Tempers flared, and the two associates revealed concealed sickles, launching a ferocious attack on Senthilkumar, resulting in his tragic demise.(Tirruppur Murder)

A Brave Intervention Foiled

Horrified by the chilling screams, Senthilkumar’s younger brother, Mohan, along with Siddhi Rathinammal, and their mother, Pushpavati, rushed to intervene. Tragically, their brave efforts were in vain as the ruthless attackers showed no mercy. The three family members attempting to shield Senthilkumar fell victim to the assailants’ relentless onslaught. Leaving their victims in a pool of blood, the attackers swiftly fled the scene, evading capture.(Tirruppur Murder)

Calls for Justice Erupt

The shocking brutality of the murders sent shockwaves throughout the tight-knit community, leaving residents in mourning. Incensed by the horrific incident, locals took to the streets, demanding swift justice and the immediate apprehension of the perpetrators. The Coimbatore-Trichy National Highway ground to a halt as protesters staged a road blockade in front of the Government Hospital, bringing traffic to a standstill. West Zone IG Bhavaniswari arrived to oversee the investigation.(Tirruppur Murder)

A Glimpse into Tragedy’s Origins

As the initial investigation unfolds, authorities reveal that the motive behind the bloodshed may be linked to a financial dispute. Venkatesan, also known as Senthilkumar, had reportedly borrowed money from Senthilkumar’s younger brother, Mohan Raj. This revelation provides a possible motive for the gruesome attack. Police have taken Venkatesan into custody, intensifying their interrogations to unravel the full extent of this tragic incident.(Tirruppur Murder)

Edappadi Palaniswami Condemned This Insident

AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami has condemned the massacre. In this regard, in a post published on his X page, he has said that it is shocking that four people along with their families have been brutally murdered by drug gangs in Kallagkinaru area. Mohanraj, his mother, brother and Siddhi along with four members of his family were brutally hacked to death by drug gangs in Kallaginaru area near Palladam of Tirupur district for knocking people who were drinking in front of their house.(Tirruppur Murder)

Every day since this DMK government took office, our state has become a state of murder, robbery and murder, law and order in Tamil Nadu and the capital of drugs, it is a shame that the Chief Minister, who is supposed to fix this, is focusing his full attention on empty advertisements.

I strongly condemn the chief minister who has no clue to save the people while keeping the police department in hand. I urge the DMK government to stop using the police department only as its official department, give full independence to the police department and maintain law and order.I also urge the DMK government to find the culprits involved in this heinous crime and take appropriate action to punish them severely.

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