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Dwarka Pilot : IndiGo Pilot and Husband Assaulted by Mob Over Alleged Torture of 10-Year-Old Help, Pilot De-Rostered by Airline

Shocking Visuals Surface: Pilot Thrashed While Still in Uniform (dwarka pilot)

New Delhi, 19 July (City Times): A disturbing incident unfolded in Delhi’s Dwarka where an IndiGo pilot and her husband, both airline staff, were attacked by an angry mob for allegedly employing and torturing a 10-year-old girl as their domestic help. The airline has de-rostered the pilot pending an investigation after videos of the assault went viral on social media platforms.

Shocking visuals captured the violent scene, with the pilot still in her uniform being slapped repeatedly and pulled by her hair while several women delivered blows to her. Despite her pleas for help and apologies, the assault persisted.

Simultaneously, her husband faced a separate group of men who assaulted him, though some individuals attempted to intervene and halt the brutal attack. Amidst the chaos, a chilling threat was heard from one man, expressing concerns for the woman’s life.

Reports suggest that the couple had employed the 10-year-old girl for domestic chores approximately two months ago. Today, a relative noticed injury marks on the girl’s arms and alerted the police, alleging that the girl had been physically abused by the couple due to suspicions of theft.

The news quickly spread among local residents, and upon witnessing the visible signs of injury on the young girl, a mob formed and confronted the couple, resulting in the violent assault. The police were eventually called to the scene, and the couple was arrested. A case has been filed.(dwarka pilot)

Child labor is strictly prohibited in India, yet unfortunately, many continue to flout this rule, employing children as domestic help.

M Harsha Vardhan, a senior police officer from Dwarka, revealed that burn marks were also found on the girl’s arms. The child underwent a medical examination and received counseling. Based on her statement, the police registered a complaint under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code, the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. (dwarka pilot)

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