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Food Bloggers and Vloggers

Rakesh Giri Goswami – Though they are not a new breed of food experts but pretend themselves to be so. Earlier we knew them as food columnists in various print publications. Their number at that time was small, now they are in plenty. Why so because of easy access to technology every is expert now, as information is quickly lifted from net. These have mushroomed overnight all over the continents.

Then why 2 categories, very simple, one who only writes for portals is blogger, and one who comes to you with some video is a Vlogger. It is easy to become blogger Vlogger, what you need is a simple smart phone with a microphone attachments and that is not essential. How it started, taking a cue from such programmes on foreign TV channels every one jumped into the fray.

What are possible impacts of such activities? both good and bad effects, first we can take up good ones. Through different media platforms we came to know about traditional food practices of Indian culture not known earlier, in daily life to festivals, we also came to know about our popular street foods showing lot of diversities.

Even information from rural also India has been shown to us. As mentioned above there are 2 categories, There are many individuals in both categories who have received international recognition because of their creativity. They are genuine blogger Vloggers, who first actually visit a food joint and then give their honest opinion and people reading or watching their reels believe them. Some have restricted themselves to house hold kitchens and regularly contribute. Of course in this group also there are certain people who do PR for big joints and their blogs are actually of sponsored nature.

Now coming to the black sheep of Vlogging industry, this is largest group in entire south Asia. They are neither qualified nor trained to do Vlogging for food sector buy even they keep posting, and some of them have flourished also. Most of them are here to describe street food for the viewers. Only 10% among them are serious or genuine in their work, others are throwing trash at you so be careful.

Their modus operandi is very simple, they go to local food vendors and make reels of 4-5 minutes duration, and post after editing. They keep talking to vendors irrespective of the fact that other person is interested or not. And keep describing the preparation methods in funny words like oh he is putting butter, now mirchi, oh’o pyaaz is also added, now bhaiyya has added cheese, Oh my god look at colour, wow, what a flavor, keep praising him till he shows signs of boredom on his face.

This is followed by questions like how long you have been selling this, what is prize etc. In any audio visual presentation you don’t need to keep blabbering all the time as viewer is watching everything on his screen. Then come the ultimate comments after taking first bite, wow, so tasty, never had anything like this in my life. You will never get a better dish in this whole town.

So please visit this place. Majority of visuals show that the place where food items are prepared are not good from hygienic point of view but the persons making
video does not say a single word about it, they don’t even ask vendor to keep the place clean. The iron pans and utensils are also very dirty, dark in colour. Barring few we see that those preparing Gol Gappas and Chholey don’t wear gloves. Majority of blogs vlogs are over rated in nature except few.

But due to many fake experts the work of genuine ones is obscured and does not reach viewers. Fake vendors are also present in market as one can see examples of a Paav Bhaaji vendor in Jaipur near Birla temple where every one has same sign board. There is one more example from Jodhpur where a sweet shop owner is popular for selling good quality Gulab Jamun, now days every sweet shop in that market has put up same label.

In order to impress the consumers street food vendors have started many experiments also in form of new dishes which are neither tasty nor look good in appearance. As look of food is also important in India. The street food bloggers vloggers have shown us weird dishes like Bournvita barfi, egg pizza, roti pizza, sweet omlette, egg Manchurian, reverse vadapav, dabeli pakoda. One more thing hotels and street food vendors have defamed the Cheese also.

They adding cubes or grated cheese in every dish, they add cheese or paneer even in mutter paneer curry? One common complaint against street food is excessive use of spices.
It is expected that people going to street food vendors take full care while eating anything from dirty joints as children are easily affected by not so good food.

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