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Ghoomer Film Review:An Uplifting Tale;A Story of Courage and Determination,But it Struggles with some parts

Ghoomer Film Review-Balki’s style shines through, adding humor and emotional moments to the film

Chennai, 18 August(City Times): Ghoomer Film Review: Director R Balki brings us ‘Ghoomer,’ a heartfelt movie that’s also his ‘Mission Saiyami Kher.’ Imagine life giving you lemons – what do you do? You turn them into lemonade. In a lighthearted way, Balki tells a story about strength, hope, and the will to keep going in ‘Ghoomer.’ Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher take the lead in this film, showing how two people can support each other through life’s challenges.(Ghoomer Film Review)

Facing Challenges Head-On

Anina (Saiyami) is a talented cricketer whose dreams take a hit when she loses her right hand just before her first match for India against England. Then there’s Paddy, also known as Padam Singh Sodhi (Abhishek), a retired cricketer who never got the recognition he deserved after an injury during a match in 1995. Together, they work to create new possibilities. But does their story capture our hearts? Let’s dig in and find out.(Ghoomer Film Review)

A Story of Strength, Not Pity

‘Ghoomer’ comes with all the right intentions. It’s not about feeling sorry for someone; it’s about understanding their journey. The film doesn’t want us to pity a woman who lost her arm; it wants us to admire her courage. Despite these good intentions, the movie doesn’t fully reach its potential.(Ghoomer Film Review)

A Few Hurdles Along the Way

The story sometimes asks us to believe things that might be a bit hard to believe, especially in the exciting parts. It tries to focus a lot on Anina’s bowling skills, but it forgets to show the importance of teamwork at the end. It wants to create a moment like the movie ‘Chak De,’ but it doesn’t quite hit the mark because that movie knew how to keep the teamwork strong.(Ghoomer Film Review)

Starting Slowly and Staying Engaged

The film starts in a big stadium with loud cheers for ‘Ghoomer.’ But just as we’re getting into the excitement, the story takes us back to Anina’s past very suddenly. The first 45 minutes are all about setting up Anina’s story. The only problem is that the movie puts a lot of pressure on Saiyami to keep us interested during this time, and she struggles to do that. Sometimes, she doesn’t capture our attention, especially in scenes where her character feels vulnerable.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Saiyami did a good job getting into her character’s mindset. She knows cricket and that helped her act like a real cricketer. She also worked hard to show how someone would move and act with a missing arm.

Abhishek Bachchan does a great job as Paddy. He’s funny and serious when he needs to be, and he shows that Paddy really wants to prove himself. Shabana Azmi, who plays Anina’s grandmother, also gives a strong performance. She starts as a wise and informed grandmother, but we don’t see much of her in the second half.

Adding Emotions Through Music

It’s nice to see Amitabh Bachchan make a short appearance in the movie. The music goes well with the feelings in the story. Balki’s style shines through, adding humor and emotional moments to the film. But even with a strong cast, if the basics of the movie aren’t strong (like the writing, the way the story is told, and the acting), the movie can only do so much.

Final Thoughts

We’d give ‘Ghoomer’ a 2.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a movie that’s about strength and fighting against the odds. But it struggles with some parts, like the way the story is told and the acting. Still, the movie’s heart is in the right place, and some performances really shine. While it might not be a complete home run, it’s worth a watch for its message of courage.

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