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Empowering Lives: Confronting Breast Cancer Challenges – A 360-Degree Insight into the Successful Breast Cancer Awareness Program in Dubai

Dubai, 10 November(City Times World Desk): Breast Cancer Awareness Program Dubai: In a momentous stride towards healthcare advocacy, Green Globe, under the leadership of founder Dr. Jasmine, orchestrated a pivotal “Breast Cancer Awareness Program” in Dubai. Supported by Al Mas Mehmood and Sulokshana Veerakumar, this event aimed to enlighten and empower the community in the face of breast cancer challenges.

Shaping Awareness: The Collaborative Effort

1. Event Supporters:

  • Al Huda Children Skill Development Center
  • We Care Medical
  • Al Safa Radiology Center

2. Venue:

  • DEWVALE SCHOOL, Al Quoz, Dubai

3. Distinguished Guests:

  • Global Peace Ambassador Dr. Huzaifa Ibrahim
  • Kings Medical Dr. Hakkim
  • Vice Consul Dubai Indian Consulate Bijendra singh
  • Khalid Al Blooshi
  • Umm Marwan, Board Member of Nabd Al Emarat Volunteer

4. Special Guests:

  • Rising Star Founder Veena
  • Muthamil Sangam Chairpersons Ramakrishna, Sha, Faisal

5. Event Organizers:

  • Laughing Club Executives: Sameer, Sheikh, Askar, and SPS Nizam

6. Host:

  • Noorie Kaynat

Breast Cancer Awareness Program Dubai: Program Highlights

The event witnessed a comprehensive presentation by Dr. Majeetha Banu from We Care Medical Center. Dr. Majeetha emphasized the critical need for awareness and early precautions against breast cancer. She intricately detailed the symptoms and elucidated on the importance of self-examination.

Community Engagement: A Variety of Events

Beyond informative sessions, the program featured a series of captivating events performed by talented children. Their participation added a poignant touch, reflecting the community’s solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Heart warming Gesture: Hair Donation for Chemo Patients

A poignant moment unfolded as a few young girls bravely donated their hair for chemotherapy patients. This act of compassion not only resonated with the spirit of the event but also symbolized the community’s commitment to supporting those battling cancer.

Acknowledging Contributions: A Grateful Note

As the event concluded, Dr. Jasmine, the driving force behind Green Globe, expressed gratitude to all attendees. The collaborative efforts of supporters, distinguished guests, special guests, organizers, and the host culminated in a successful initiative.

Embracing Awareness: A Vital Step Forward

Breast cancer remains a formidable challenge, being the most diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of death among women globally. The initiative taken by Green Globe, coupled with the collective support of various entities, marks a crucial step forward in fostering awareness and proactive healthcare measures.

In conclusion, the “Breast Cancer Awareness Program” in Dubai stands as a beacon of enlightenment, urging individuals to become advocates for their health and fostering a community that stands united against the challenges posed by breast cancer. The event’s success is not merely a reflection of its execution but a testament to the community’s commitment to health and well-being. Let this be a spark that ignites a broader conversation and instigates positive change in healthcare awareness.

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