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Infiltration Bid Foiled in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara District, 2 Militants Neutralized

Security Forces’ Swift Action Thwarts Pakistani Militants’ Attempt (Militants Neutralized)

(Militants Neutralized) Srinagar, July 19 (City Times) : Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district successfully foiled an infiltration bid, resulting in the elimination of two suspected Pakistani militants. The operation was conducted in the Machil sector and was based on specific and credible intelligence provided by the Border Security Forces (BSF) intelligence wing.

Swift Response to Intelligence:
The joint operation, meticulously planned by the Indian Army, BSF, and Police, was a result of timely and precise intelligence inputs received by the BSF. Multiple ambushes were laid along potential infiltration routes to intercept the terrorists.

Neutralization of Foreign Terrorists:
At approximately 11 pm on Tuesday, troops detected suspicious movement along the Line of Control (LoC). Through continuous surveillance, the movement of the terrorists was closely tracked. At 04:55 hours, contact was established with the militants, leading to an intense firefight. In the encounter, two foreign terrorists were successfully neutralized.

Seizure of Arms and Ammunition:
Following the operation, a comprehensive joint search was launched, yielding significant results. Security forces recovered four AK series rifles, one Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL), five UBGL grenades, nine magazines, 175 AK rounds, six hand grenades, tactical vests, and a substantial quantity of war-like stores. (Militants Neutralized)

A Blow to Terrorist Designs:
Defence spokesman Col Emron Musavi hailed the success of the counter-infiltration operation, emphasizing that it was a testament to the repeated attempts made by terrorist groups to disrupt peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir. By thwarting this infiltration attempt, security forces have dealt a severe blow to the terrorists’ plans to destabilize the valley.

Identification and Affiliation Under Investigation:
Authorities are working to ascertain the identity and affiliation of the two militants killed during the operation. Their connections and involvement in previous activities are currently under investigation.

Praise for Synergy Among Security Forces:
Inspector General BSF, Kashmir Frontier, Ashok Yadav commended the exceptional cooperation among various security forces in countering the infiltration attempts. He acknowledged the tireless efforts of the BSF Intelligence unit in providing credible inputs and lauded the clinical execution of the operation by the troops on the ground. (Militants Neutralized)

Enhanced Vigilance to Preserve Peace and Stability:
The successful operation reaffirms the collective commitment of security forces to safeguarding the peace, development, and growth of the Union Territory. It sends a strong message to terrorist elements attempting to infiltrate the region that their nefarious intentions will not go unchecked. The synergy among security forces remains steadfast in ensuring the safety and security of the valley. (Militants Neutralized)

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