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3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University : Government’s Green Revolution – Jaishankar Stresses on Clean Technology Investment

3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University : India’s Dual Commitment – Green Technologies and Water Security

Gandhinagar, 23 Dec (City Times) : (3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University) : In a dynamic landscape grappling with environmental challenges, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar underscores India’s commitment to sustainable development. Focusing on green technologies and addressing water security concerns, the government aims to navigate the complex intersection of environmental consciousness and national security. This article delves into Jaishankar’s insights, emphasizing the need for a strategic shift in conversations and policies surrounding renewable energy and water management.

3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University

Highlighting the urgency of investing in environmentally friendly technologies, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar emphasized the government’s commitment to green and clean technologies. In a recent address at the 3rd convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University in Gandhinagar, he discussed the focus on renewable energy and the security implications associated with fossil fuels.

The Government’s Emphasis on Green Technologies

Jaishankar underscored the government’s current emphasis on investing in green and clean technologies. He noted the expertise in managing risks associated with external energy exposure and the need for a similar awareness in the context of renewables, especially considering the security implications.

Water Security: A Looming Concern

Addressing a pressing issue, Jaishankar delved into the matter of water security. He acknowledged the impact of new approaches to water harvesting, usage, and conservation across the country. With the growing demand for water resources due to an expanding population, the minister stressed the need for innovative solutions.

3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University

Climate Change and Global Commitments

Drawing attention to the global scenario, the minister highlighted India’s participation in the World Climate Action Summit of the Conference of Parties-28 in Dubai. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s engagements with global leaders and initiatives for accelerating global climate action were defined by their significance.

Prime Minister’s Perspective on Climate Finance and Technology

PM Modi emphasized the immense impact of climate change on countries in the Global South, including India. Despite limited resources, these nations remain committed to climate action. The PM stressed the essential role of climate finance and technology to fulfill the aspirations of the Global South.

COP28 and Green Initiatives

COP28, held under the Presidency of the UAE in Dubai, witnessed significant developments. PM Modi, along with global leaders, launched the web portal of the Green Credits Programme, highlighting the importance of environmental well-being. This initiative aims to encourage positive contributions to Earth’s “Health Card.”

3rd Convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University

Leadership Group for Industry Transition 2.0

During the summit, India and Sweden announced the launch of the Leadership Group for Industry Transition 2.0 (LeadIT 2.0). PM Modi outlined the initiative’s three focuses: inclusive and just industrial transition, co-development and transfer of low-carbon technology, and support for emerging technology.


As the government focuses on green and clean technologies, the efforts extend to addressing water security and contributing to global climate action. India’s participation in COP28 reflects a commitment to sustainable practices, with initiatives like the Green Credits Programme and LeadIT 2.0 paving the way for a greener future. Prime Minister Modi’s vision emphasizes a new green growth story for generations to come. as India charts its course toward a greener future, the imperative for global collaboration and transformative policies becomes apparent. By investing in green technologies and embracing sustainable practices, the nation aspires to script a narrative of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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