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Congress President Kharge Blames BJP-RSS Politics for the Disturbing Incident

Political Leaders Condemn Viral Video of UP Teacher Encouraging Students to Harm Classmate (Congress President Kharge)

Asaduddin Owaisi Expresses Concern About the Impact of Such Incidents on Young Minds

New Delhi, August 26 (City Times): A viral video showing a private school teacher in Muzaffarnagar instructing students to slap their Muslim classmate has ignited outrage and condemnation from political leaders across India.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Assures Prompt Investigation and Action

Congress president Kharge pointed fingers at what he termed the “hate-filled politics of the BJP-RSS” as the underlying cause of the incident. He expressed his deep concern on social media, stating, “The distressing incident in which a teacher encouraged students to harm a fellow child based on religious discrimination at a school in UP is a stark reflection of the divisive politics propagated by the BJP-RSS.”

Kharge went on to emphasize that such incidents tarnish India’s global image and are in direct violation of the constitution. He continued, “The toxic influence of the ruling party’s divisive ideology has permeated society to such an extent that, on one hand, an educator like Tripta Tyagi is propagating religious… hatred to children from a young age, while on the other hand, an RPF jawan, Chetan Kumar, whose work is to provide security, is killing innocent people in the name of religion.”

Furthermore, Kharge stressed that failing to hold culprits accountable for such crimes is a crime against the nation. “Any kind of religious fanaticism and violence is against the country, and to spare the guilty is a crime against the country,” he asserted.

Owaisi Raises Concerns About Indoctrination

Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi echoed Kharge’s concerns, emphasizing the long-term impact of such incidents on young minds. He shared his thoughts on social media, stating, “The video emerging from Muzaffarnagar, where a teacher instructs her students to assault a Muslim boy, is a consequence of the past nine years. It engrains in young minds the unsettling notion that one can physically harm and disgrace a Muslim without facing any consequences.”

Government Assures Investigation

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh has assured the public that the police are actively investigating the incident, and appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is concluded. He expressed, “In our state, each person holds the inherent right to equitable educational access, and our government is resolute in fulfilling this obligation as its highest commitment.” He also emphasized that the police are actively investigating the incident and assured that subsequent actions will be taken once the investigation reaches its conclusion.

According to Muzaffarnagar police, the viral video in question shows a woman teacher instructing students in a class to harm their fellow classmate. Superintendent of Police Satyanarayan Prajapat provided details in a video statement, saying, A video was brought to the attention of the Mansurpur police station today. In the video, a female teacher can be seen instructing her students to physically harm a classmate who was struggling with multiplication tables. Additionally, the video contained inappropriate remarks.

He went on to provide more details, stating, “Upon thorough investigation of the video, it was revealed that the teacher was making alarming statements, suggesting that the academic performance of Muslim students deteriorates when their mothers do not focus on their studies (‘Jin Mohammedan baccho ki maa unke padhai par dhyan nahi deti hai, unn baccho ki padhai ka naash ho jata hai’). This assertion was corroborated by the individual recording the video.”

The police have informed the Basic Education Officer about the incident, and departmental action will be taken against the woman teacher. The authorities are committed to addressing this incident seriously and ensuring that justice is served.

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