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Coronavirus in India : Union Health Minister Mandaviya Calls for Unyielding Preparedness in High-Level Strong Meeting

Coronavirus in India : Amid Increasing COVID-19 Cases, Union Health Minister Urges Robust Preparedness

New Delhi, 20 Dec (City Times) : (Coronavirus in India) :In a pivotal response to the escalating COVID-19 cases in states such as Kerala, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, and Karnataka, Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya spearheaded a high-level meeting, stressing the imperative need for heightened preparedness and a unified governmental approach.

As the nation grapples with a resurgence of COVID-19, the Union Health Minister convened a crucial meeting with top officials and chief health secretaries to address the burgeoning challenges posed by the upswing in cases. The focus of the meeting was to reinforce the country’s preparedness to combat the pandemic effectively.

Unveiling the Concerns:

Expressing his concerns over the rising cases in several states, Dr. Mandaviya underscored the criticality of an unwavering preparedness stance. He emphasized the significance of adopting a ‘whole of government’ strategy to tackle the evolving situation.

Central Support and Mock Drills:

Assuring complete central support to the affected states, the Health Minister urged healthcare officials to conduct regular mock drills in hospitals. These drills, he stressed, are instrumental in ensuring that healthcare facilities are well-prepared to handle a surge in COVID-19 cases. “We need to be on alert, but there is no need to panic,” remarked Dr. Mandaviya.

Proactive Measures:

Furthermore, Dr. Mandaviya recommended that preventive measures be taken, especially in anticipation of the cold weather and the upcoming year-end festivities. The proactive approach involves hospitals conducting mock drills every three months to refine their readiness, increase surveillance, and enhance communication with the public.

Assurance of Central Support:

Reiterating the commitment of the central government, Dr. Mandaviya stated, “I assure the support of the Centre to all the states.” The emphasis on this support is crucial in ensuring that states facing an upsurge in COVID-19 cases receive the necessary resources and assistance to manage the situation effectively.

Regional Perspectives:

During the meeting, specific attention was given to the state of Kerala, which reported the highest number of cases with a positivity rate of 21 percent. State Health Minister Veena George shared insights into the measures taken, including increased surveillance, ramped-up testing, and regular reviews of hospital preparedness.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the high-level meeting led by Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya reflects a proactive and comprehensive approach to combat the resurgence of COVID-19 in several states. The emphasis on regular mock drills, increased surveillance, and central support underscores the gravity of the situation and the government’s commitment to tackling the pandemic effectively.

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