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Indian Railways Achieve New Milestone with 1015.6 MT Freight Loading, Breaks Own Past Records

Indian Railways Freight Loading: Freight revenue reaches Rs 110007.5 Crores, a Rs 4102.4 Crores improvement from the previous year.

Indian Railways Freight Loading: Indian Railways achieves 1015.6 MT freight loading, a 36.9 MT increase from last year.

Indian Railways Freight Loading: November 2023 sees a 4.3% improvement with 128.4 MT freight loading compared to last year.

New Delhi/Hubballi, 01 December(City Times): Indian Railways Freight Loading :In a remarkable feat, Indian Railways has set a new benchmark by achieving a freight loading of 1015.6 MT till November 2023, showcasing a substantial increase from the previous year. Let’s delve into the numbers and factors that contributed to this commendable achievement.

Indian Railways Freight Loading Surge:

Indian Railways witnessed a significant upswing in freight loading, reaching 1015.6 MT, marking an impressive growth of 36.9 MT compared to the same period last year.

Indian Railways Financial Milestone:

The Railways raked in a substantial revenue of Rs 110007.5 Crores from freight loading during April-November 2023, reflecting a substantial increase of Rs 4102.4 Crores compared to the corresponding period last year.

Indian Railways Month-wise Breakdown

November 2023: In November 2023 alone, Indian Railways achieved a freight loading of 128.4 MT, showcasing a remarkable improvement of 4.3% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Financial Gains: The freight revenue for November 2023 amounted to Rs. 14077.94 Crores, exhibiting an impressive growth of 3.82% compared to November 2022.

Indian Railways Commodity-wise Breakdown:

Performance MetricsApril – November 2023April – November 2022Growth
Freight Loading (MT)1015.6978.724+36.945 MT
Freight Revenue (Crores)Rs 110007.5Rs 105905.1+Rs 4102.445 Crores
November 2023 Freight Loading (MT)128.419123.088+4.33%
November 2023 Freight Revenue (Crores)Rs 14077.94Rs 13559.83+3.82%

Commodity-wise Breakdown (November 2023):

CommodityFreight Loading (MT)
Iron Ore14.99
Pig Iron and Finished Steel5.25
Cement (Excl. Clinker)5.58
Mineral Oil4.176
Balance Other Goods8.59
This table provides a clear overview of Indian Railways’ freight loading and revenue performance, emphasizing growth metrics and commodity-wise distribution for November 2023.

Indian Railways Efforts and Achievements

Hungry For Cargo Mantra: Indian Railways’ mantra “Hungry For Cargo” underscores its commitment to constant improvement. The sustained efforts to enhance ease of doing business, coupled with a customer-centric approach and agile policy-making, played pivotal roles in this significant achievement.

In conclusion, Indian Railways’ exceptional performance in freight loading, coupled with substantial financial gains, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction. This achievement not only sets a precedent but also signifies the railway’s pivotal role in the nation’s economic landscape.

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