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LG Manoj Sinha said Jammu and Kashmir Progressing Dynamic Acr0ss All Sectors

LG Manoj Sinha highlights the state’s impressive

The 44th PSPB Inter-Unit Golf Tournament kicks off in Srinagar.

Srinagar, 18 Sep (City Times): (LG Manoj Sinha) – In a recent address at the inauguration of the 44th Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) Inter-Unit Golf Tournament in Srinagar, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha emphasized the significant progress that Jammu and Kashmir has made in various sectors. He expressed his warm welcome to all the golfers attending the event.

Emerging from Turmoil

LG Manoj Sinha noted that Jammu and Kashmir has successfully emerged from the challenges and turmoil of several years. He proudly stated that the region is now advancing more rapidly across various sectors compared to many other states in the country.

Promising Tournament Ahead

While addressing the participants, LG Sinha expressed his hope for a successful and spirited tournament. He encouraged the players to compete with a true spirit of sportsmanship, fostering goodwill and camaraderie. Additionally, he believed that any misconceptions about Kashmir would be dispelled during their stay.

Warm Hospitality

The LG also assured the players that they would be welcomed with warmth and hospitality by the local people. He expressed his desire for the players to create lasting memories during their time in Jammu and Kashmir.

Tourism Thriving

Highlighting the tourism sector, LG Manoj Sinha revealed impressive statistics. He stated that in the previous year, Jammu and Kashmir welcomed 1.28 crore tourists, and as of August this year, that number has already reached 1.52 crores. He expressed optimism that by the end of the year, the state would have received a staggering 2.25 crore tourists.

Foreign Tourism Surge

LG Sinha attributed part of this tourism surge to the successful conduction of the G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting in the region. Following this event, there was a remarkable 59 percent increase in the arrival of foreign tourists in Jammu and Kashmir. This surge, he believed, sends a clear message to the world that positive transformations are taking place in the region.

In Conclusion

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha’s remarks shed light on the remarkable progress and positive developments occurring in Jammu and Kashmir. The state’s thriving tourism industry and welcoming atmosphere have contributed to dispelling misconceptions and fostering a sense of optimism about the region’s future.

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