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Parliament Monsoon Session: Government Ready to Address Manipur Violence During Monsoon Session: Pralhad Joshi

NDA Government Promises Cooperation in Crucial Debate (Parliament Monsoon Session)

New Delhi, July 19 (City Times): The upcoming monsoon session of Parliament is set to address the issue of Manipur violence as the BJP-led NDA government confirms its readiness for a crucial debate. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi announced this decision after an all-party meeting held in the Parliament on Wednesday. (Parliament Monsoon Session)

Cooperation on an Important Issue:
During the media interaction, Pralhad Joshi expressed the government’s willingness to engage in discussions on the Manipur violence during the monsoon session. He also appealed to the opposition parties to cooperate in addressing this significant issue.

Congress’ Demand for PM’s Statement:
The Congress party has been consistently demanding a response from Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since the outbreak of ethnic violence in Manipur on May 3. However, Joshi clarified that the Home Ministry is the appropriate authority to take up the matter, and the government has already informed Congress leaders about its willingness to discuss the Manipur situation.

Opposition’s Non-negotiable Stance:
Meanwhile, the Congress party has taken a firm stance on discussions related to issues like price rise and the Manipur situation. They have deemed these matters as “non-negotiable” and have pushed for their inclusion in the parliamentary session.

Legislative Agenda:
The upcoming monsoon session promises to be action-packed, with 31 legislative items on the agenda. The meeting was chaired by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and saw the participation of 34 parties and 44 Ministers. (Parliament Monsoon Session)

Monsoon Session Details:
The much-awaited monsoon session of Parliament is scheduled to continue until August 11. It will span across 17 sittings, spread over 23 days, providing ample time for debates and discussions. The government has listed around 31 bills to be taken up during the session. These include the Forest Bill, Data Protection Bill, and the Government of National Territory of Delhi amendment bill 2022, among others. (Parliament Monsoon Session)

NDA and Opposition Meetings:
Prior to this all-party meeting, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) convened with its 39 parties in New Delhi. On the other hand, the Opposition, comprising 26 parties, held a two-day meeting in Bengaluru. The Opposition meeting aimed to form an “anti-BJP” front and was referred to as the “Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA).” (Parliament Monsoon Session)

As the monsoon session begins, all eyes are on the Parliament, awaiting the constructive debates that will shape the nation’s future.

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