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PM Modi Takes Tejas Aircraft Flight Over Bengaluru: First Indian Prime Minister To achieve This Important Milestone by taking A 30-minute Sortie On Indigenous LCA Tejas

PM Modi Tejas Flight: PM Modi makes history, co-pilots Tejas, showcasing India’s prowess in a 30-minute aerial journey

PM Modi Tejas Flight: Tejas Is a Symbol of national pride, technological brilliance, and a significant milestone in aviation history Of India.

Bangalore, 25 November(City Times): Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieved a historic milestone by taking a 30-minute sortie in the indigenous light combat aircraft (LCA) Tejas On Saturday. Attired in a G-suit, PM Modi co-piloted the aircraft flown by Group Captain Debanjan Mandal, making him the first Prime Minister to fly in a fighter aircraft.

The Tejas Experience: PM Modi First Indian Prime Minister To Fly Tejas

During the sortie, the capabilities of the Tejas fighter aircraft were vividly demonstrated to PM Modi, providing him with a first-hand feel of India’s prowess in aeronautical technology. The flight took off from the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. airport in Bengaluru, marking a significant moment in the country’s aviation history.

Modi Successfully completed a sortie on the Tejas and Expression of Confidence

Sharing his experience on social media, PM Modi expressed, “Successfully completed a sortie on the Tejas. The experience was incredibly enriching, significantly bolstering my confidence in our country’s indigenous capabilities, and leaving me with a renewed sense of pride and optimism about our national potential.”

PM Modi Takes Tejas Aircraft Flight Over Bengaluru Tejas: A Symbol of National Pride

Accompanying the post, Modi shared a video of the memorable flight, emphasizing Tejas as India’s pride and a manifestation of the strength and skills of 140 crore Indians. The Tejas aircraft, designed and developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), has been an integral part of the Indian Air Force (IAF) for over seven years.

Tejas in Indian Air Force

Currently, the IAF operates two squadrons of the Tejas aircraft: No 45 Squadron, known as the ‘Flying Daggers,’ and No 18 Squadron, the ‘Flying Bullets.’ Christened Tejas in 2003, this multi-role platform is designed for Air Defence, Maritime Reconnaissance, and Strike roles.

Future of Tejas: Enhanced Capabilities

With the IAF already placing an order for 83 LCA Mk-1A, the Tejas is set to undergo upgrades, including updated avionics, Active Electronically Steered Radar, enhanced Electronic Warfare suite, and Beyond Visual Range missile capability. The contracted deliveries of these upgraded aircraft are expected to commence in February 2024.

PM Modi on Tejas Procurement

PM Modi’s sortie in the Tejas is anticipated to have a positive impact on the procurement of additional aircraft. The Defence Acquisition Council is expected to approve the acquisition of 97 more Tejas aircraft, enhancing the IAF’s inventory to 220 LCAs.

Notable Tejas Fliers

PM Modi joins a distinguished list of civilians and foreign dignitaries who have flown in the Tejas. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, badminton player PV Sindhu, and Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen are among the civilians who have experienced the prowess of Tejas. Foreign dignitaries, including General David L Goldfein and General André Lanata, have also flown in this remarkable aircraft.

Tejas on the Global Stage

The IAF has consistently showcased India’s indigenous aerospace capabilities by displaying the Tejas aircraft at various international events. From LIMA-2019 in Malaysia to the Dubai Air Show-2021 and Aero India Shows from 2017 to 2023, Tejas has left an indelible mark on the global aviation stage.

India strengthen its position in aeronautics

As India continues to strengthen its position in the field of aeronautics, PM Modi’s Tejas sortie stands as a symbol of confidence in indigenous capabilities. The Tejas aircraft not only represents technological prowess but also reflects the spirit and determination of the nation to soar to greater heights in the world of aviation. PM Modi’s flight on the Tejas is not just a journey in the skies; it’s a testament to India’s progress and ambition in the realm of aeronautical excellence.

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