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Revolutionizing Roads in India : Aims to Surpass US Road Infrastructure in 5 Years, says Nitin Gadkari

Revolutionizing Roads in India : Nitin Gadkari’s Ambitious Vision: India Targets World-Class Roads, Decongested Metros, and Enhanced Safety

Transformative Roadmap: Union Minister Gadkari Paves the Way for Rs. 1.16 Lakh Crore Infusion into Infrastructure

Futuristic Development: Gadkari Envisions India’s Road Infrastructure Equaling the US Standard by 2028

New Delhi, 20 Dec (City Times) : (Revolutionizing Roads in India) : Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, unveils an ambitious plan for India’s road infrastructure, aiming to rival that of the United States within the next five years. In an exclusive interview, Gadkari outlines the transformative initiatives to decongest metros, reduce travel time, and revolutionize road safety, backed by a substantial infusion of over Rs. 50 lakh crore into various projects over the past nine years.

Gadkari’s Vision for the Future :

Nitin Gadkari, known for his mission mode approach, shares his unwavering commitment to making India’s road infrastructure world-class. With projects worth more than Rs. 50 lakh crore awarded in the last nine years, Gadkari envisions a transparent, result-oriented, and quality-conscious approach. His mission aims to facilitate efficient decision-making, emphasizing that contractors no longer need to seek personal approvals. This family-oriented approach has already earned the ministry seven world records, signifying a significant achievement in infrastructure development.

India’s Road Infrastructure to Equal the US :

Gadkari, expressing confidence in his vision, asserts that India’s road infrastructure will be on par with the United States within the next five years. Stressing that he never makes false promises, Gadkari underlines the need for futuristic development to attract capital investments, eradicate poverty, and generate employment. His commitment to transparent policies and timely decisions reflects in the substantial progress made in the last decade.

Automobile Industry Growth and Sustainability :

Determined to make India a leader in the automobile sector, Gadkari reveals that the industry has surpassed Japan, becoming the third-largest globally. With an industry worth Rs. 7.5 lakh crore, Gadkari envisions doubling this figure to Rs. 15 lakh crore in the next five years, contributing significantly to job creation. He emphasizes the need for introducing electric and flex-fuel vehicles, reducing fossil fuel consumption and empowering Indian farmers to become energy producers.

Green Initiatives and Smart Transportation :

Gadkari advocates for introducing electric and flex-fuel vehicles, emphasizing the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. Initiatives like ethanol-powered vehicles and the opening of ethanol pumps aim to make fuel more cost-effective while generating electricity. Gadkari envisions a shift towards smart villages, diversifying agriculture into the energy and power sector, ensuring sustainable development in rural and tribal areas. The minister highlights ongoing efforts in developing eco-friendly public transportation, including ropeways, cable cars, and electric buses, poised to revolutionize public transit within the next five years.

Infrastructural Milestones and Decongesting Metros :

The interview sheds light on various infrastructural projects, including the Dwarka Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, and Delhi-Meerut Expressway, collectively worth over Rs. 65,000 crore. Gadkari underscores the transformative impact of these projects, reducing travel time and enhancing connectivity. Projects like the Atal Tunnel and the Katra-Delhi Expressway exemplify the government’s commitment to improving travel efficiency and safety.

Strategic Border Roads and Entrepreneurial Role :

Gadkari discusses the strategic importance of new border roads, featuring landing strips for airplanes and plans for 670 roadside amenities with heliports and drone ports. He acknowledges the vital role of entrepreneurs and startups in revitalizing the Indian economy, urging support for those with entrepreneurship and new technology.

Challenges in Road Safety and Awareness :

Despite the achievements, Gadkari acknowledges the challenge of reducing accidents and deaths on roads. Approximately five lakh accidents and 1.50 lakh deaths occur annually, resulting in a GDP loss of three percent. Gadkari stresses the importance of changing public mindset and increasing awareness about road safety, seeking support from media, social institutions, educational organizations, and NGOs. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar have been enlisted to contribute to this awareness campaign.

Conclusion: Nitin Gadkari’s vision for India’s road infrastructure goes beyond conventional development, aiming for global standards, sustainability, and enhanced safety. The transformative roadmap outlined by Gadkari positions India on the path to becoming a world leader in infrastructure and transportation. As the nation awaits these revolutionary changes, Gadkari’s commitment to transparent, sustainable, and family-oriented development stands as a testament to India’s progress and ambitions in the years to come.

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