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RRTS Project Funding : Supreme Court Slams Delhi Government: ‘Arm-Twisted’ Tactics 0ver RRTS Funding”

RRTS Project Funding : Court Questions Partial Compliance as Delhi Government Faces Scrutiny

New Delhi, 28 Nov (City Times): (RRTS Project Funding) : In a stern rebuke to the Delhi government, the Supreme Court has raised concerns over its partial compliance in funding the Regional Rapid Transport System (RRTS) project. The court expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the government appears to be reluctant in fulfilling its financial obligations, asserting that one should not require being “arm-twisted” to fulfill their monetary commitments.

The Funding Conundrum: Supreme Court’s Scrutiny

The bench, comprising Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia, questioned the Delhi government’s failure to provide the full amount of its share for the RRTS project. It highlighted that only a portion of the funds had been disbursed, emphasizing that complete compliance is imperative. The court, in a previous hearing, had criticized the government for breaching an undertaking to allocate funds for the project, directing it to transfer advertising funds to the RRTS initiative.

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The Arm-Twisting Remark: Court’s Stance

Justice Kaul expressed concern over the government’s apparent resistance in fulfilling its financial commitments, stating, “The problem is you have to be arm-twisted to pay money that you are obligated to.” The court emphasized that the government is obligated to pay the full amount and partial compliance is not acceptable. The matter has been posted for the next hearing on December 7, as the court seeks resolution and adherence to its directives.

Background of the Dispute: Court’s Earlier Warnings

Last week, the apex court had issued a warning to the Delhi government regarding its advertisement budget, cautioning that it could be attached if the required funds for the RRTS project were not provided. Expressing disappointment, the court noted a “gross breach” of assurances given by the government. In April, the court had specifically outlined the need for the Delhi government to promptly pay the balance amount for the timely implementation of various RRTS corridors.

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Delhi Government’s Delayed Response: Funding Challenges

Despite the court’s directives in April, the National Capital Regional Transport Corporation (NCRTC) filed an application, revealing that only Rs 80 crores out of the due Rs 500 crores had been released by the Delhi government for the Delhi-Meerut RRTS Project. The court had earlier directed the government to contribute the remaining Rs 415 crores within ten days. The application highlighted the government’s non-compliance with the court’s order and raised concerns about delays in approving budgets and releasing funds for other RRTS corridors.

Conclusion: Upholding Commitments and Adherence to Court Orders

The ongoing dispute between the Supreme Court and the Delhi government underscores the importance of upholding financial commitments, particularly in crucial infrastructure projects like the RRTS. The court’s firm stance and warnings emphasize the need for government bodies to prioritize and expedite funding for essential public projects. The December 7 hearing is anticipated to bring clarity on the government’s actions and adherence to the court’s directives, reaffirming the principle that financial obligations cannot be ignored or delayed without consequences.

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