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Torrential Rains Devastate Southern Tamil Nadu, 3 Districts Flooded, 1 Dead; 7,500 People Evacuated To 84 Relief camps

Southern Tamil Nadu floods: Floods in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts: Unprecedented rainfall in southern Tamil Nadu leads to floods, disrupting normal life and causing one reported fatality.

IMD Warning: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) issues warnings of heavy to extremely heavy rainfall, exacerbating the already dire situation in the affected districts.

Relief operations in flooded Tamil Nadu: The state government seeks assistance from the armed forces, including the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, to conduct rescue operations and air-drop aid in the flooded regions.

Chennai, 18 December (City Times): Southern Tamil Nadu floods: Heavy rainfall wreaked havoc in southern Tamil Nadu, submerging roads, bridges, and paddy fields, creating flood-like conditions. Tragically, one person lost their life in Tuticorin. The affected districts sought aid from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force for rescue missions and aid drops. Kanyakumari, Tirunelvelli, and Tuticorin faced severe downpours, with unprecedented 60 cm recorded in Tuticorin within 15 hours.

Southern India floods and rescue missions

Approximately 7,500 people were evacuated to 84 relief camps, and 62 lakh citizens received SMS alerts through the Common Alert Protocol. Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena enlisted Army, Navy, and Air Force services, declaring December 18 a public holiday in the affected districts. CM MK Stalin directed surplus water release and deployed NDRF, SDRF, police, and fire teams for evacuation, with 84 boats in action.

Transport Disruptions and Infrastructure Damage Due To Southern Tamil Nadu floods

Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur train services halted due to track damage, and suspended roads disrupted normal life. Tuticorin-bound flights diverted or canceled, and 17 trains, including Vande Bharat, faced cancellations. The cyclonic circulation over the Comorin area heightened rainfall risks, impacting daily life and transportation infrastructure.

Tamil Nadu floods latest news: Tamilnadu Rain and its Regional Impact

Southern Tamil Nadu rainfall impact: Thoothukudi, particularly Kayalpattinam, witnessed record-breaking rainfall, recording 95 cm in 24 hours. The deluge led to severe waterlogging, damaged lakes, and disrupted public transport between Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli. Southern districts declared a public holiday as heavy rains persisted, complicating the recovery from recent floods.

Relief Measures and Ongoing Alerts In Tamilnadu due To heavy Rain

Chennai and adjoining districts recovery status: The state’s proactive measures included deploying 250 SDRF and NDRF personnel, setting up 19 camps in Tirunelveli, and using the Common Alert Protocol for mass notifications. The IMD warned of heavy to extremely heavy rainfall, necessitating continued vigilance. The region remains on alert, emphasizing safety and rescue preparedness.

Significant impact on major reservoirs Of Tamilnadu Due To Heavy Rain

The intense rainfall in southern Tamil Nadu has had a significant impact on major reservoirs in Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts. The Vadakku Pachaiyar and Nambiyar reservoirs in Tirunelveli reached their full storage capacity, prompting water managers to discharge inflows of 751 cusecs and 2,714 cusecs, respectively. The Papanasam and Manimuthar reservoirs, also in Tirunelveli, have seen their storage levels rise to 89.54% and 83% of their total capacity, respectively.

As of Monday morning, the Papanasam reservoir experienced a substantial inflow of 25,000 cusecs, and the discharge was maintained at 20,000 cusecs. Similarly, the Manimuthar reservoir witnessed an inflow of 13,915 cusecs triggered by rainfall in the catchment areas, with an outflow of 10,000 cusecs.

The Servalar reservoir’s storage level rose to 80.73%, and the outflow was maintained at 5,000 cusecs. In Kanyakumari district, the Pechiparai and Perunchani reservoirs received considerable inflows, reaching storage levels of 91.77% and 94.70%, respectively. The water resources department maintained flood cushion levels and released 5,032 cusecs and 5,087 cusecs from these reservoirs.

Additionally, Chittar I and II reservoirs in the region are brimming with storage levels of 92.71% and 93.66%, respectively, according to the state disaster management authority.

This influx of water into the reservoirs is both a boon and a challenge. On the positive side, it helps replenish water resources, ensuring a more stable water supply for the region. However, the rapid rise in water levels poses the risk of flooding in downstream areas, and proper management of water releases becomes crucial to prevent potential hazards.

Tamilnadu IMD warning and heavy rainfall updates:

India Meteorological Department alerts for Tamilnadu: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a stern warning of heavy to extremely heavy rainfall in the affected regions of southern Tamil Nadu. This heightened alert comes as a result of a cyclonic circulation over the Comorin area, exacerbating the already dire situation caused by unprecedented rains. The IMD’s forecast emphasizes the likelihood of heavy rainfall, and in some areas, extremely heavy rainfall, on the specified date.

Tamil Nadu weather forecast and updates: Cyclonic circulation over Comorin area

This prediction serves as a crucial tool for disaster preparedness and response, allowing authorities and residents to anticipate and brace for potential challenges associated with the further deluge. The IMD’s timely warnings are pivotal in guiding evacuation efforts, resource mobilization, and the implementation of safety measures to mitigate the impact of the ongoing weather crisis. Residents are urged to stay updated on IMD alerts and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure their well-being in the face of this challenging weather phenomenon.

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