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Uttar Pradesh Government Adopts Self-Assessment System to Purge Urban Areas of Garbage

Uttar Pradesh Government Commitment to Swachh Bharat Mission Spurs Implementation of Self-Assessment

Efforts to Achieve “Garbage-Free City” Status Under Swachh Survekshan 2023 Reinforced

Lucknow, August 26 (City Times): (Uttar Pradesh Government) In alignment with its dedication to the Swachh Bharat Mission and its mission to transform cities into garbage-free zones, the Uttar Pradesh government has chosen to introduce a self-assessment system across all urban bodies within the state, according to an official statement released on Saturday.

Systematic Self-Assessment

The state government has mandated that self-assessments be carried out in every urban body by August 30. Subsequently, a review meeting to assess the progress will convene on September 4.

Earlier this year, in April 2023, a mock assessment conducted in urban areas underscored the necessity to persist in the pursuit of achieving the “Garbage-Free City” goal as part of the Swachh Survekshan 2023.

Digital Evaluation

Amrit Abhijat, Principal Secretary of the Urban Development Department, disclosed that the self-assessment process will be executed through a dedicated Google form. This form will outline the criteria for evaluating a “Garbage-Free City.”

“The urban body will complete this form. The deadline for submitting the comprehensive self-assessment report is August 30, by 5 pm,” he specified.

Stringent Timelines

Executive officers have been given explicit instructions to ensure compliance within the stipulated time frame. The self-assessment reports will undergo review on September 4 at 11 am. Strict adherence to the accurate completion and timely submission of these self-assessments is obligatory.

Empowering Urban Bodies

“The Uttar Pradesh Government has proactively initiated a measure aimed at enabling Nagar Palika Parishad/Nagar Panchayat to engage actively in assessing their advancements and pinpointing areas requiring additional focus,” highlighted Principal Secretary Abhijat. This evaluation system, initiated in April, will significantly enhance the implementation of the government’s strategies in this context.

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