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15 Congress MP Suspended Amidst Parliament Security Breach Outcry

The suspended MPs include prominent figures such as TN Prathapan, Hibi Eden, Kanimozhi, Derek O Brien Dean Kuriakose, Jothi Mani, and Ramya Haridas

Suspension Of 5 Congress MP is done due to an alleged display of “utter disregard for the chair’s directions.

New Delhi, 14 December(City Times): 15 Congress MP Suspended: In a surprising twist, the Lok Sabha descended into chaos as five Congress MPs faced suspension over their alleged “utter disregard for the chair’s directions.” This suspension followed a significant security breach on Wednesday, triggering calls for a statement from Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The Indian Parliament witnessed upheaval with the suspension of 14 Lok Sabha and one Rajya Sabha MPs, triggering heated debates over democracy and accountability.

Incident Unfolds: Uproar in Parliament over Parliament security breach

The Lok Sabha, usually a place of order, found itself in unfamiliar territory dealing with the aftermath of a major security breach. This breach led to the suspension of the five Congress MPs—TN Prathapan, Hibi Eden, Dean Kuriakose, Jothi Mani, and Ramya Haridas. The opposition, undeterred by the disciplinary action, stepped up its demand for Shah’s statement, turning the parliamentary session into a battleground of conflicting views.

Opposition MPs Suspension and Party Breakdown

Nine Congress MPs, two each from CPM and DMK, and one from CPI faced suspension for disrupting proceedings in the Lok Sabha. Simultaneously, Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien faced suspension in the Rajya Sabha for alleged unruly behaviour.

Winter Session Drama: Derek O’Brien’s Refusal and Privileges Committee Involvement

Despite the suspension, Derek O’Brien refused to leave the Rajya Sabha, leading to a referral of the matter to the House’s Privileges Committee following a motion by BJP’s Piyush Goyal.

Lok Sabha Chaos: Suspension Of Congress MPs Amidst Protests: Opposition’s uproar on issue Of national security

Security Breach in Parliament
Shocking Security Breach in Parliament During Zero Hour, Questions Raises On Security Arrangements.

The suspension of the Congress MPs became a point of contention, sparking passionate protests and slogans within the Lok Sabha. Pralhad Joshi, the Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, took the opportunity to move a resolution emphasizing the severity of the MPs’ conduct, suggesting their suspension for the rest of the session. The charged atmosphere led to the Lok Sabha being adjourned until 3 pm, escalating the opposition’s call for Shah’s resignation.

KC Venugopal’s Critique on the Suspension

Congress Rajya Sabha MP KC Venugopal condemned the suspension as a “horrible, undemocratic move,” highlighting the opposition’s demand for accountability following the recent security breach.

TMC MP Derek O’Brien Suspension:

Adding to the commotion, earlier in the day, TMC Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien was suspended for what was deemed “unruly” conduct. Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, in response to a motion by Leader of the House Piyush Goyal, wielded the gavel of suspension, escalating tensions within the parliamentary corridors. TMC MP Dola Sen, however, staunchly defended the opposition’s right to raise issues related to national security.

Pralhad Joshi’s Resolution and Lok Sabha Adjournment

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi moved a resolution to suspend five Congress MPs in the Lok Sabha, accusing them of “utter disregard” for the House and the Chair. B. Mahtab chaired the proceedings, leading to the Lok Sabha’s adjournment.

Parliament Resumes Amid Security Tensions

As Parliament resumed amidst heightened tensions over the security breach, the aftermath of the incident took center stage. Tensions escalated with the absence of the Prime Minister during the security breach.

Parliament Security Breach Details and Arrests

The security scare involved two men jumping into the Lok Sabha, deploying smoke canisters. Six individuals, including Sagar Sharma, D Manoranjan, Neelam Devi, Amol Shinde, and Vicky Sharma, were arrested. A sixth person remains at large.

Opposition’s uproar on issue Of national security: 15 Congress MP Suspended

Dola Sen argued, “This is about national security; it is our duty as the opposition to raise the issue. If the Home Minister had made a statement in the House, this situation would not have arisen.” The sentiment echoed across party lines, with Congress leader Pramod Tiwari urging the Chairman to reconsider the suspension, emphasizing the crucial role of MPs in amplifying their voices on matters of national importance.

BJP MP Pratap Simha Involvement in Parliament Security Breach Fallout:

The root cause of the escalating turmoil lay in a daring security breach. Two intruders, defying the supposedly impregnable security apparatus, leaped into the in-session Lok Sabha from the visitors’ gallery. In a surreal sequence, they deployed a smoke canister, casting a shadow over the parliamentary proceedings before being wrestled to submission and subsequently arrested. The audacity of the breach resonated across party lines, compelling opposition parties to unite in their condemnation, demanding accountability and seeking action against BJP MP Pratap Simha, alleged to have recommended the duo for access passes.

Opposition’s insistence on Shah’s statement

The suspension of MPs and the subsequent parliamentary uproar shed light on deeper divisions within the Indian political landscape. The opposition’s insistence on Shah’s statement reflects broader concerns about transparency and accountability in matters of national security. Critics argue that the suspension of MPs stifles dissent and undermines the democratic essence of parliamentary proceedings, while proponents contend that such measures are necessary to maintain order and uphold the sanctity of the legislative process.

Parliamentary Decorum And The Duty Of Opposition MPs

The broader question emerging from these incidents pertains to the delicate balance between parliamentary decorum and the duty of opposition MPs to hold the government accountable. Critics argue that the suspension of MPs stifles dissent and undermines the democratic essence of parliamentary proceedings, while proponents contend that such measures are necessary to maintain order and uphold the sanctity of the legislative process.

Political drama playing out on the floor Of Parliament

As the echoes of the suspended MPs’ protests reverberate within the parliamentary chambers, the Lok Sabha finds itself at a critical juncture. The suspension, the security breach fallout, and the ongoing demand for Shah’s statement have transformed the Winter Session into a spectacle of political theatre. The fate of key legislative business hangs in the balance, overshadowed by the intense political drama playing out on the floor. Whether this incident sparks a renewed dialogue on parliamentary conduct or deepens the existing fault lines remains to be seen, but one thing is certain—the repercussions of this tumultuous session will resonate long after the gavel falls.

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