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Alert Pilot: Captain Sonu Gill’s Quick Decision Prevented Collision Of 2 Planes at Delhi Airport

Captain Sonu Gill Acted Swiftly When the two planes were on a potential collision course

New Delhi,23 August(City Times): A grave incident was avoided at Delhi airport as an astute pilot took swift action. A Vistara flight from Ahmedabad and another from the same airline were perilously close, carrying about 300 passengers collectively, thanks to the vigilance of Captain Sonu Gill, the pilot of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight.

Critical Seconds of Action

Upon landing, the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight was directed by Air Traffic Control (ATC) to cross an active runway to reach its parking area. Simultaneously, a Vistara Airlines Delhi-Bagdogra flight was granted take-off permission on the same runway. A mere 1.8 km apart, the two planes were on a potential collision course. Captain Sonu Gill’s quick thinking and communication with ATC became the saving grace.

Imminent Disaster Averted

The situation was incredibly dire, with the planes merely 1,800 meters apart. Captain Sonu Gill’s alertness saved the day, as she informed ATC of the presence of the other plane. This timely intervention prevented what could have been a catastrophic outcome.

Regulator’s Statement

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the incident occurred when Vistara flight VTI926, having landed on Runway 29L, was instructed to cross Runway 29R en route to its parking bay. However, ATC momentarily forgot these instructions and directed flight VTI725 to take off from Runway 29R. Upon realizing the error, the ATC instructed VTI725 to abort take-off.

Swift Correction in Action

Acknowledging the situation’s gravity, the pilot of the plane that was taxiing, VTI926, promptly alerted ATC. This alert prompted ATC to order VTI725, the plane on its take-off run, to abort its take-off attempt.

Accountability and Safety Measures

The DGCA has taken swift action by derostering the ATC official responsible for the oversight. This incident emphasizes the necessity of vigilant adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent potential traffic collisions, particularly in situations involving closely spaced runways.

Passengers’ Brief Apprehension

Passengers aboard the Delhi-Bagdogra flight experienced a brief moment of concern when the pilot announced that the take-off would be postponed due to ATC instructions. The priority was clear: safety over haste.

Lessons and Future Vigilance

Safety measures at Delhi airport mandate halting all aircraft and vehicle movements during take-off or landing. The incident underscores the significance of heightened monitoring and strict SOP compliance, especially when flights operate from parallel runways.

Averting Crisis Through Quick Action

Captain Sonu Gill’s rapid response highlights the pivotal role pilots play in aviation safety, ensuring that passengers and crew remain out of harm’s way.

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