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Amit Shah on Hindi Diwas : Affirms Hindi’s Role in Unity and Empowerment 0n Hindi Diwas

Union Home Minister Emphasizes Cultural Heritage of Indian Languages (Amit Shah on Hindi Diwas)

Pledge to Strengthen All Languages for National Progress

New Delhi, 14 Sept (City Times): Amit Shah on Hindi Diwas: As India celebrated Hindi Diwas, Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivered a resounding message, highlighting the importance of linguistic unity and diversity in the country. Shah’s address not only commemorated the role of Hindi but also stressed the need to strengthen and preserve all Indian languages and dialects as a collective cultural heritage.

Hindi’s Unifying Role:

Minister Amit Shah began by emphasizing that Hindi has never engaged in competition with any other Indian language. Instead, it stands as a testament to India’s linguistic richness and its ability to foster a sense of unity amidst diversity. Hindi, with its welcoming embrace of vocabulary, sentences, and grammar rules from various Indian and global languages, played a pivotal role in the arduous journey towards India’s independence.

A Language of Unity:

Hindi, Shah declared, has long been a democratic language that respects and acknowledges the diverse linguistic tapestry that is India. It has not only honored different Indian languages and dialects but has also incorporated elements from many global languages, making it a language of amalgamation. During the tumultuous days of the independence movement, Hindi acted as a binding force, instilling a feeling of togetherness in a nation divided by numerous languages and dialects.

Hindi Diwas and its Historical Significance:

Shah recounted the historical significance of Hindi Diwas by noting that on September 14, 1949, the framers of the Indian Constitution formally recognized Hindi as the nation’s official language. He reiterated the age-old truth that the genuine and creative expression of any country can only be fully realized through its native language. Hindi, he emphasized, embodies the very essence of India’s cultural and intellectual tapestry.

A Collective Effort:

The Home Minister passionately asserted that the progress of any language is the cornerstone of holistic development. He made it abundantly clear that Hindi does not engage in rivalry with any other language but rather complements and enriches them. Shah urged that by strengthening all Indian languages and dialects, a robust and inclusive nation could be built.

Empowering Local Languages:

Amit Shah conveyed his belief that Hindi would not only continue to flourish but also serve as a medium to empower local languages, thereby contributing to the nation’s linguistic diversity.

Promoting the Official Language:

Shah drew attention to the indispensable role of the Parliamentary Committee on Official Language, responsible for reviewing the use of Hindi in government operations across the country. He highlighted the intensified efforts in recent years to propagate the use of Hindi in various ministries and the formation of Town Official Language Implementation Committees (TOLIC) within India and abroad.

International Language Initiatives:

India’s outreach to promote Hindi internationally was not overlooked. Initiatives were taken in cities such as London, Singapore, Fiji, Dubai, and Port-Louis to enhance the presence and recognition of Hindi beyond Indian borders. These initiatives aim to foster cultural exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world.

Advancements in Linguistic Resources:

Shah noted that India’s commitment to promoting its official language extended into the digital realm. The Department of Official Language had developed a range of digital tools, including the ‘e-Mahashabdkosh’ mobile app, comprising a vast collection of 90,000 words, and the ‘e-Saral’ dictionary, containing about 9,000 sentences. These resources facilitate language enrichment and modernize linguistic resources to keep pace with technological advancements.

Amit Shah’s eloquent address on Hindi Diwas served as a resounding call for linguistic harmony and the celebration of India’s rich tapestry of languages. It underscored the pivotal role that Hindi plays in unifying the nation, while also emphasizing the importance of preserving and empowering all Indian languages for the country’s cultural diversity and unity.

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