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Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government; Said- Corrupt DMK Government Damages Tamil Nadu’s Coir Industry; Advocates “One Nation, One Election” Amid parliamentary session commencing on September 18

Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government And Raised Concerns on protests over Cauvery water rights In State, NEET exam bill, and the handling of The Coir Industry By Government

Chennai, 02 September(City Times): Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government: At Coimbatore airport, BJP State President Annamalai addressed reporters and expressed the party’s full support for the “One Nation, One Election” concept. He emphasized the need for all elections to be held simultaneously, citing the evolving nature of elections and the emergence of various issues that hinder the decision-making process.

Broad Support for “One Country, One Election”

Annamalai pointed out that many political parties are in favor of the “One Nation, One Election” idea. At the center, the BJP-led government under Prime Minister Modi has sparked discussions about introducing a bill to conduct synchronized elections across the country.(Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government)

Prospects of the Bill

It’s reported that the “One Nation, One Election” bill might be presented during the parliamentary session commencing on September 18. To explore the feasibility of implementing this plan, a committee led by former President Ram Nath Kovind has been established.(Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government)

Differing Views

While many parties have shown support for the concept, there is opposition from certain quarters. Some opposition parties are actively protesting against the idea. The debate over simultaneous elections continues, with differing opinions and perspectives.(Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government)

Tamil Nadu BJP President, Annamalai, has voiced his concern about the state’s coir industry, asserting that it’s being stifled by the corrupt DMK government. In a statement released on Saturday, Annamalai criticized the ruling DMK government on various fronts.

Troubling Actions by the DMK Government

Annamalai highlighted several contentious actions by the DMK government, including protests over Cauvery water rights, the NEET exam bill, and the handling of the coir industry. He accused the government of flip-flopping on important issues, like the Methane deal, and shifting blame to the central government.(Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government)

Coir Industry’s Importance

The coir industry, overseen by the National Coir Board under the Ministry of Small, Small, and Medium Enterprises, plays a vital role in generating foreign exchange and creating revenue opportunities. Tamil Nadu houses over 8000 coir factories.(Annamalai Criticizes DMK Government)

Controversy Over Pollution Classification

In 2016, the Coir-based industry was categorized as “White” by the Central Government’s Environmental Pollution Control Board. However, the Tamil Nadu government decided to reclassify the coir industry as “Orange” from “White” in November 2021. This decision was met with opposition from various quarters, leading to legal action.

Legal Battle and Court’s Verdict

In December 2021, the Madras High Court ruled in favor of the coir industry, directing it to remain in the “White” category. Despite this verdict, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board ordered a power cut to coir industries, affecting not only their operations but also the residential areas of workers.

Appeal for a Scientific Study

The National Coir Board and industry stakeholders have repeatedly requested a scientific study to revaluate the pollution classification of coir-related industries. However, their appeals have been met with resistance from the Tamil Nadu government’s Pollution Control Board. The matter remains unresolved, with ongoing legal battles and concerns about the industry’s future.

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