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A Century of Love : Anushka Sharma’s Heartfelt Birthday Greeting to Virat Kohli After Virat Completed The Important Milestone Of 49 Centuries In ODI


Anushka Wishes Virat Kohli : Sharing a picture of Virat, she playfully called his extraordinary century achievement a gift to myself on my birthday.

New Delhi, 05 November (City Times): Anushka Wishes Virat Kohli : On Virat Kohli’s 35th birthday, the cricketing world witnessed not just the celebration of another year in the life of the cricket legend, but also the marking of a monumental milestone. The Indian skipper, known for his impeccable batting prowess, managed to etch his name alongside the cricketing deity, Sachin Tendulkar, by achieving a record that stood the test of time. While the cricket fraternity lauded his spectacular feat of Virat Kohli’s 49th ODI century, it was his wife, Anushka Sharma, who shared an endearing birthday wish that won the hearts of millions.

Virat Kohli century: An Extraordinary Birthday Gift

The 35th birthday of Virat Kohli saw the cricketer joining an elite club. He marked this milestone by hitting his 49th century in One Day Internationals (ODIs). The significance of this achievement is amplified by the fact that he has now equalled the remarkable record set by Sachin Tendulkar himself. Virat’s incredible batting prowess and unwavering dedication have enabled him to secure a place in history alongside the ‘Little Master,’ Sachin. (Sachin Tendulkar’s record)

Anushka Sharma’s Birthday Gift to Her Beloved

Birthday message: In the world of social media, where heartfelt messages are often expressed through Instagram posts and tweets, Anushka Sharma’s birthday wishes to Virat Kohli stood out. While celebrities frequently take to their profiles to convey their greetings, Anushka added a touch of personal charm to her message. Sharing a picture of Virat, she playfully called his extraordinary century achievement a “gift to myself on my birthday.”

Anushka Wishes Virat Kohli: A Playful Celebration of Love

Anushka Sharma, known for her charismatic presence and captivating performances in the world of cinema, chose to add a touch of playfulness to her message. Her affectionate post celebrated not only Virat’s cricketing glory but also the lighter moments they share as a couple.

In one of the pictures Anushka posted, Virat Kohli is captured in a memorable moment from his earlier days in the sport. This image is reminiscent of the time when Virat became the only bowler to take a wicket in a T-20 without actually delivering a ball. The year was 2011, and Virat’s bowling was met with a wide on his very first ball. However, the sharp skills of Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, led to a stumping that dismissed Australian cricketer Kevin Pietersen. Though the ball was considered wide, the wicket was taken without an official delivery, thus sealing Virat’s unique feat.

A Message of Love and Togetherness

In her post, Anushka Sharma did more than just celebrate a sporting milestone. She expressed her boundless love and unwavering support for Virat. Anushka’s words resonated with the world as she wrote, “You are the most exceptional man I know. My love, you are an incredibly positive influence on everyone you meet. But despite all the accolades and achievements, every day is a new experience, and I am waiting for the next to see how much more amazing it can get. I will love you in every shape, in every form, and in every way, now and forever.”

Anushka’s Pregnancy Rumours

While the cricketing world celebrated Virat’s extraordinary century of centuries, Anushka Sharma’s delightful message grabbed the spotlight. It was not just her heartfelt birthday wishes that made headlines; Anushka has also been in the news due to pregnancy rumors. Reports suggest that Anushka and Virat might be expecting their second child. Their recent visit to a clinic ignited speculations about her pregnancy. Amidst these rumors, Anushka had made a polite request to the paparazzi not to photograph her, which further fueled the anticipation of a new addition to the family.

As the cricketing world and fans across the globe cherish Virat Kohli’s incredible achievement, Anushka Sharma’s message stands as a testament to their love and togetherness. The couple continues to inspire millions with their individual success and unwavering support for each other.

Whether it’s on the cricket field or in the world of cinema, Virat and Anushka continue to excel, setting remarkable milestones and creating heart-warming moments that leave their mark on history.

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