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Bihar Reservation Bill 2023: An Important Step Towards Social Inclusion; SC, ST, EBC And OBC Reservation Increased To 65%

Revolutionizing Quotas: Bihar’s Bold Move to 65% Reservation Sparks Controversy

Patna,09 November (City Times): Bihar Reservation Bill 2023: In a historic development, the Bihar Legislative Assembly has unanimously approved the Bihar Caste Reservation Bill 2023, signalling a paradigm shift in the state’s approach towards social inclusion. The bill proposes a substantial increase in reservation limits for Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs), and Other Backward Classes (OBCs), elevating the quota from the existing 50% to an inclusive 65%. This momentous decision comes after careful consideration of socio-economic data from a recent caste survey report.

Bihar Reservation Bill 2023 : Understanding the Bill

The amendment aims to address the long-standing demand for increased representation and opportunities for marginalized communities. The proposed changes allocate 18% for OBCs, 25% for EBCs, 20% for SCs, and 2% for STs. This substantial increase reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

Bihar Caste Reservation Bill: Total Reservation: 75% – A Comprehensive Overview

The government clarified that the total reservation, including the additional 10% for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), will effectively reach 75%. With this, 25% of seats remain unreserved, fostering inclusivity and diversity in educational institutions and job sectors. The move aligns with the state’s socio-economic goals, recognizing the need for a more inclusive and representative system.

Detailed Breakdown of Bihar Caste Quota:

Previously, OBCs had an 8% quota, while EBCs held 12%. The proposed amendment significantly boosts these figures to 18% for OBCs and 25% for EBCs. Similarly, SCs witness an increase from 14% to 20%, and STs move from 10% to 2%. The changes reflect a comprehensive understanding of the population dynamics and the need for proportional representation.

Support Across Party Lines For Bihar Reservation Bill 2023:

The unanimity with which the bill was passed showcases the collective commitment of political parties towards creating a more inclusive Bihar. The opposition, particularly the BJP, extended its support, emphasizing the importance of increased reservation limits. State BJP president Samrat Chowdhary highlighted the party’s endorsement of any move promoting reservation.

Bihar Caste Quota Justification and Bihar Socio-Economic Data

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar justified the decision by citing the comprehensive caste survey report’s unanimous acceptance by all parties. The report revealed that 34% of Bihar’s population falls under the category of “poor,” with a monthly income below ₹6,000. This socio-economic data played a crucial role in shaping the government’s decision to increase quotas.

Upcoming Steps: Legislative Council and Governor Approval To Bihar Caste Quota

The bill’s unanimous approval in the Legislative Assembly is a significant step, and it is now poised for consideration in the Legislative Council and subsequent approval by the Governor. The support from both ruling and opposition parties indicates a collective vision for a more socially inclusive Bihar.

Concerns Raised On Bihar Caste Quota and BJP Stand On Bihar Cast Reservation

While the bill received widespread support, concerns were raised about the absence of a reference to EWS reservation within the bill. The BJP, while supporting the overall increase in reservation, emphasized the need for clarity on EWS, introduced by the central government in 2019. The ongoing dialogue reflects the commitment to transparency and a nuanced understanding of reservation policies.

Addressing The Long standing Demand

The Bihar Reservation Amendment Bill 2023 marks a significant stride towards creating a more inclusive and representative society. By addressing the long-standing demand for increased reservation limits, the state has demonstrated its commitment to social justice. As the bill progresses through the legislative process, Bihar stands on the brink of a transformative era in its socio-economic landscape.

Key Information About Bihar Caste Quota

Bihar Reservation Amendment Bill 2023Details
Key DecisionUnanimous approval by Bihar Legislative Assembly to raise reservation limits from 50% to 65%.
Categories AffectedScheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs).
Total Quota Limit75%, including the existing 10% for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).
Breakdown of New QuotasOBCs – 18%, EBCs – 25%, Scheduled Castes – 20%, Scheduled Tribes – 2%.
Previous QuotasOBCs – 8%, EBCs – 12%, Scheduled Castes – 14%, Scheduled Tribes – 10%.
Additional ConsiderationsOBCs and EBCs to benefit from increased share based on population. Exclusion of EWS reference raises concerns.
Social ImpactAiming for increased representation and social justice.
Political ResponseBJP’s support with concerns about EWS mention. Opposition emphasizes the need for inclusive policies.
Upcoming Approval StepsBill to be presented in the Upper House for further approval.
Future Quota LandscapeIf approved, Bihar will witness a total reservation of 75%. EWS quota remains unchanged.
Key FiguresNitish Kumar proposes increase following recent caste-based survey. Socio-economic data reveals 34% of Bihar’s population in the “poor” category.
ControversyOpposition raises concerns over EWS exclusion, demands clarity.
Memorial ServiceA memorial service for Varun Raj Pucha, the Indian student who was stabbed in the US, to be held on campus on November 16th.
ConclusionBihar takes a historic step towards social justice with the Reservation Amendment Bill 2023, but debates linger on inclusive policies and EWS representation

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