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Former CM EPS Reveals Sensational Facts About Brutal Attack on Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu Assembly

Edappadi K. Palaniswami Exposes DMK’s By Revealing Facts on Brutal Attack on Jayalalithaa on March 24, 1989

MADURAI, 13 August(City Times): In a startling revelation, AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi K. Palaniswami disclosed on Sunday that the late J. Jayalalithaa, former Chief Minister, was subjected to attack within the Tamil Nadu Assembly on March 24, 1989. The revelation about misbehaviour wit Former AIADMK Supremo comes as a response to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin’s dismissal of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement regarding the incident as a ‘drama’.

A ‘Black Day’ for Tamil Nadu Assembly

Palaniswami, popularly known as EPS, contradicted Stalin’s claim, stating that he was an eyewitness to the barbaric act by DMK members. He termed March 24, 1989, as a ‘Black Day’ for the Tamil Nadu Assembly. EPS highlighted that even AIADMK legislators S. Thirunavakkarasu (now in Congress) and K.K.S.S.R Ramachandran (currently a minister in the DMK government) had attempted to shield the late Chief Minister from the assault by DMK legislators. He further alleged that a current senior minister in the Stalin government had even pulled Jayalalithaa’s saree during the attack. He revealed some shocking facts about Incident occured inside Tamilnadu Assembly.

A Pledge Fulfilled and Return to Power

EPS recalled Ex-CM Jaya’s determination, as she vowed to return to the Assembly as Chief Minister. In 1991, the people of Tamil Nadu supported her overwhelming victory as Chief Minister with a significant majority. He emphasized that the cruel incident further solidified her resolve to lead the state.

Stark Contrast: DMK’s Actions Exposed

The AIADMK leader expressed his vivid recollection of the distressing act of against a woman leader within the Assembly premises by DMK members. He disputed Stalin’s claim that the incident was a ‘drama’, asserting that the media extensively covered the incident at the time. EPS also condemned the lack of action against any DMK legislators for their role in the attack, which he asserted exposed DMK’s modus operandi.

Future Implications and Defeat in Elections

EPS concluded by predicting that the people of Tamil Nadu would respond strongly in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, forecasting a decisive defeat for the ruling DMK party. He highlighted the incident as a reflection of DMK’s functioning style and raised concerns about the lack of accountability for the attack.

As the news of the attack on Jayalalithaa surfaces, it has been met with varying responses from different political quarters. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin had earlier dismissed Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s statement about the incident as a ‘drama’. This stance raised eyebrows and led to skepticism about the true nature of the incident. With EPS, popularly known as Edappadi K. Palaniswami, now corroborating the attack, the DMK’s response is once again under scrutiny. The contrast between the exposed incident and the DMK’s dismissal has raised questions about transparency and accountability in political discourse.

Unveiling the ‘Black Day’: Palaniswami’s Revelation

Edappadi K. Palaniswami’s revelation has shed light on what he described as a ‘Black Day’ for the Tamil Nadu Assembly. Palaniswami’s eyewitness account contradicts Stalin’s characterization of the incident as a mere ‘drama’. The former Chief Minister further highlighted the attempts made by AIADMK legislators to shield Jayalalithaa from the assault by DMK members. The revelation of a senior DMK minister’s involvement in the attack, including pulling Jayalalithaa’s saree, adds a distressing layer to the incident. Palaniswami’s exposé has stirred a renewed debate on ethical conduct, accountability, and the role of political leaders in safeguarding the dignity of the Assembly.

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