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Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Results 2023: BJP’s Unexpected Surge, Key Winners, and Electoral Dynamics

Historical Congress Dominance: In 2018, Congress secured a landslide with 68 seats, a remarkable victory.

BJP’s Prominent Position: Despite Congress’s past success, BJP surged ahead, leading in 54 constituencies, signalling a shift.

Divergent Campaign Strategies: BJP focused on tribal, women, and farmer upliftment, while Congress highlighted welfare schemes.

Raipur,03 November (City Times): Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Results 2023 unfolded with surprising twists and turns, keeping the nation on edge. Initial trends favoured the Congress, but a swift turnaround saw the BJP gaining momentum, leading in a whopping 54 constituencies. The battle for 90 assembly seats across 33 districts showcased a fierce contest between Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s Congress and the BJP, mirroring the electoral dynamics of neighbouring Madhya Pradesh.

The Past and Present: Congress Dominance to BJP Resurgence

In the 2018 elections, Congress secured a landslide victory with 68 out of 90 seats, reducing the BJP to a mere 15 seats. The narrative shifted this time, with the BJP aggressively campaigning to reclaim power. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s welfare schemes clashed with BJP’s promises for tribal, poor, women, and farmers’ upliftment. The BJP’s star campaigners, including PM Modi, targeted Baghel’s government over Enforcement Directorate cases, adding a layer of intensity to the electoral battle.

Key Players and Surprise Victories: Decoding the Results

Former CM Raman Singh’s triumph in Rajnandgaon by 45,084 votes showcased the BJP’s resurgence. However, Congress faced setbacks, with Chhattisgarh Congress chief Deepak Baij losing to BJP’s Vinayak Goyal in Chitrakot by 8,370 votes. The unexpected BJP surge left both parties in awe, as Congress, confident of “abki bar, 75 par,” witnessed a dramatic turn of events. The BJP’s unexpected success raises questions about its choice for the CM post, with contenders like Raman Singh, Arun Kumar Sao, Dharamlal Kaushik, and O P Chaudhary in the spotlight.

Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Results 2023: Challenges Ahead: Naxalism and Governance

Amit Shah’s proclamation in Chhattisgarh about the BJP being the solution to the “Naxal menace” highlights the enduring challenges. CM Baghel, however, refuted claims of the Centre’s role, asserting the state government’s development, trust, and security strategy. As the elected government prepares to tackle Naxalism, it remains a critical agenda, transcending party lines. The election outcome will significantly impact the state’s future course of action in dealing with this persistent crisis.

Election Promises: BJP vs. Congress

The electoral promises made by the BJP and Congress reflect a competitive spirit. BJP’s manifesto includes procuring 21 quintals of paddy per acre at Rs 3,131, providing LPG cylinders for Rs 500, and financial assistance to 18 lakh poor under the Awas Yojna. Congress, on the other hand, announced the procurement of 20 quintals of paddy per acre at Rs 3,000 and similar promises for the welfare of the people. These pledges set the stage for the new government’s priorities and commitment to addressing the state’s challenges.

Political Landscape and Key Players:

Chhattisgarh’s political landscape witnessed a fierce battle between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during the 2023 Assembly elections. With Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel leading the Congress charge and former CM Raman Singh spearheading the BJP’s campaign, the electoral stage was set for a high-stakes clash. The campaigning period saw both parties presenting their visions for the state’s development, with the Congress highlighting its welfare schemes and the BJP focusing on issues such as alleged corruption cases and governance.

The election, conducted across 90 constituencies in two phases, drew attention not only for its intense political rivalry but also for a remarkable voter turnout. The initial trends on election day showcased the Congress leading, but as the day progressed, the BJP gained significant momentum, ultimately leading in 54 constituencies. The polls, held on November 7 and 17, saw a record-breaking voter participation, reflecting the electorate’s keen interest and engagement in the democratic process.

Full list of winners constituency wise Chhattisgarh Assembly Election Results 2023

S.NoConstituencyWinner/Leading CandidateTrailing Candidate
1Bharatpur-SonhatGulab Kamro (INC)Renuka Singh Saruta (INC)
2ManendragarhRamesh Singh Vakil (INC)Shyam Bihari Jaiswal (BJP)
3BaikunthpurBhaiya Lal Rajwade (BJP)Sanjay Singh Kamro (GGP)
4PremnagarBhulan Singh Marabi (BJP)Khel Sai Singh (INC)
5BhatgaoLaxmi Rajwade (BJP)Parasnath Rajwade (INC)
6Pratapur (ST)Shakuntala Singh Portey (BJP)Rajkumari Shivbhajan Marabi
7Ramanujganj (ST)Ram Vichar Netam (BJP)Ajay Kumar Tirkey (INC)
8Samri (ST)Vijay Paikara (INC)Udeshwari Paikra (BJP)
9LundraPrabodh Bhinj (BJP)Pritam Ram
10AmbikapurRajesh Agarwal (BJP)TS Singh Deo (INC)
11Sitapur (ST)Ram Kumar Toppo (BJP)Amarjeet Bhagat (INC)
12Jashpur (ST)Raimuni Bhagat (BJP)Vinay Kumar Bhagat (INC)
13Kunkuri (ST)Vishnu Deo Sai (BJP)UD Minj (INC)
14Patthalgaon (ST)Gomati Sai (BJP)Rampukar Singh Thakur (INC)
15Lailunga (ST)Vidyavati Sidar (INC)Suniti Rathia (BJP)
16RaigarhOmprakash Choudhary (BJP)Prakash Shakrajeet Naik (INC)
17Sarangarh (SC)Uttari Jangde (INC)Shivkumari Chouhan (BJP)
18KharsiaUmesh Patel (INC)Mahesh Sahu (BJP)
19Dharamjaigarh (ST)Laljeet Singh Rathia (INC)Harishchandra Rathia (BJP)
20Rampur (ST)Phool Singh Rathiya (INC)Nankiram Kanwar (BJP)
21KorbaLakhanlal Dewangan (BJP)Jaisingh Agrawal (INC)
22KotaghoraPremchandra Patel (BJP)Purushottam Kanwar (INC)
23Pali TanakharTuleshwar Hira Singh Markam (GGP)Duleshwari Sidar (INC)
24Marwahi (ST)Pranav Kumar Marpachi (BJP)KK Dhruv (INC)
25KotaAtal Srivastav (INC)Prabal Pratap Singh Judev (BJP)
26LormiArun Sao (BJP)Thaneshwar Sahu (INC)
27Mungeli (SC)Punnulal Mohale (BJP)Sanjit Banerjee (INC)
28TakhatpurDharamjeet Singh (BJP)Rashmi Ashish Singh (INC)
29BilhaDharamlal Kaushik (BJP)Siyaram Kaushik (INC)
30BilaspurAmar Agarwal (BJP)Shailesh Pandey (INC)
31BeltaraSushant Shukla (BJP)Vijay Kesharwani (INC)
32Masturi (SC)Krishna Murti Bandhi (BJP)Dilip Lahariya (INC)
33AkaltaraRaghvendra Kumar Singh (INC)Saurabh Singh (BJP)
89Bijapur (ST)Vikram Mandavi (INC)Mahesh Gagda (BJP)
90Konta (ST)Kawasi Lakhma (INC)Soyam Muka (BJP)

Key Contests and Victory Margins:

Several constituencies became focal points due to closely contested battles and noteworthy victories. Former CM Raman Singh secured victory from the Rajnandgaon seat with a substantial margin of 45,084 votes against Congress’ Girish Dewangan. On the other hand, Chhattisgarh Congress chief Deepak Baij faced defeat, losing to BJP’s Vinayak Goyal by 8,370 votes in Chitrakot. These outcomes played a crucial role in shaping the overall narrative of the election and determining the dominant political force in the state.

Post-Election Scenarios and Promises:

As the BJP appeared poised to form the government in Chhattisgarh, the post-election scenario raised questions about potential chief ministerial candidates. Raman Singh, Arun Kumar Sao, Dharamlal Kaushik, and O P Chaudhary emerged as prominent contenders. The promises made by the BJP in its election manifesto, including agricultural initiatives, affordable LPG cylinders, and financial assistance under the Awas Yojna, became critical focal points in post-election discussions. The election’s impact on addressing issues like Naxalism also remained a significant point of consideration for the incoming government.

Deciphering the Political Landscape

The Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2023 was not just a political showdown but a revelation of unexpected outcomes and strategic shifts. The BJP’s remarkable resurgence challenges preconceived notions, leaving political analysts and citizens alike intrigued. As the state anticipates a new government, the focus on governance, Naxalism, and delivering on election promises will define Chhattisgarh’s trajectory in the coming years.

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