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CM M K Stalin Launched Free Breakfast Scheme, Allocation Of 404 Crore

CM M K Stalin Launched Free Breakfast Scheme, Allocation Of 404 Crore, Extended to cover 15.75 lakh students all over state

Chennai, 25 August (City Times): CM M K Stalin Launched Free Breakfast Scheme: Tamil Nadu takes a significant step towards promoting child nutrition and education as Chief Minister M K Stalin inaugurates the expansion of the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme On Friday. Launched as a pilot project in 1,545 schools, the scheme has achieved remarkable success in boosting student attendance.

During his speech, Mr. Stalin called this day special and expressed great happiness in starting the expansion of this program. This program will make sure that kids can go to school without feeling hungry, it will reduce the number of kids who don’t eat enough good food, it will make sure kids are healthier, it will help more kids go to school regularly, and it will make life easier for moms who work.

He said they did a survey with 1 million kids under six years old in cities to see if they were eating well. They found that almost 92,000 of these kids were not eating enough good food. “After that, the government gave them special healthy food, and 62,000 of these kids got better,” he added.

“The government does a lot of good things like free bus rides for women and Pudhumai Penn, but the breakfast program for school kids is especially important to me. It makes me really happy because it helps make sure kids don’t go to school hungry or sick from not eating well.”

CM M K Stalin To Launched Free Breakfast Scheme: Now, with an allocation of Rs 404 crore, the program is set to benefit all primary school children in government schools across the state. This initiative aligns with the government’s mission to address nutrition deficiency and enhance school attendance.

Expanding the Program:

CM M K Stalin To Launched Free Breakfast Scheme: After a successful pilot phase that saw improved attendance in 90 percent of the schools, the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme is being extended to cover 15.75 lakh students in 31,008 government schools. With an emphasis on providing a nutritious morning meal, this initiative seeks to combat malnutrition and ensure regular school attendance among young learners.

Nurturing Health and Education:

CM M K Stalin To Launched Free Breakfast Scheme: This visionary initiative not only focuses on addressing nutritional needs but also aims to enhance students’ daily attendance. Priced at Rs 12.75 per child, the scheme offers a diverse breakfast menu, including rava upma, Pongal, semiya upma, and kesari, with the addition of locally available millets. By ensuring that students receive a wholesome meal, the government aims to prevent malnutrition, support growth, and elevate the overall well-being of students.

Hygiene and Quality Assurance:

The government is implementing rigorous quality control measures to ensure hygienic food preparation and service. Innovative technologies such as IoT and Automation are being deployed to monitor food quality. Community kitchens in urban areas and Self-Help Groups in rural regions are collaborating to prepare and distribute the breakfast meals efficiently.

Historical Context:

Tamil Nadu’s commitment to providing meals to students dates back decades. The mid-day meals scheme, initially conceived by the Justice Party in Chennai, aimed to offer free meals to school children. Despite facing obstacles, subsequent governments led by figures such as K Kamaraj, M G Ramachandran, M Karunanidhi, and Jayalalithaa continued to expand and improve these initiatives, introducing nutritious meals, eggs, and a variety of rice offerings. (CM M K Stalin Launched Free Breakfast Scheme)

A Positive Outlook:

As Tamil Nadu embarks on this extensive endeavor, experts anticipate that the expanded Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme will not only contribute to better nutrition and health but also foster an environment conducive to improved learning outcomes and student well-being. (CM M K Stalin Launched Free Breakfast Scheme)

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