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CM MK Stalin – Poison of caste discrimination has even infiltrated the younger generation

Tirunelveli Police swiftly apprehended the six juveniles (MK Stalin)

Attack on Scheduled Caste Siblings Sparks Outrage in Tamil Nadu

Tirunelveli, 12 Aug (City TImes): In a disturbing incident, six juveniles from a dominant caste allegedly attacked a 17-year-old Scheduled Caste student and his younger sister at their home. The incident unfolded in Tirunelveli district, sending shockwaves through the community.

The alarming occurrence has triggered extensive anger throughout the state, leading Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin to denounce the attack based on caste. He expressed deep concern over the incident, emphasizing that the poison of caste discrimination has even infiltrated the younger generation.

Chief Minister Stalin assured the public that the law would take its course in addressing the crime. He highlighted the importance of promoting social harmony and values among students and urged educators to play a crucial role in instilling these virtues.

Stressing the need to eradicate hatred and prejudice, Chief Minister MK Stalin emphasized that unity should prevail among the youth, reminding them that they are all part of the same human family. The incident serves as a grim reminder of the ongoing challenges of caste-based discrimination and the urgent need to cultivate a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Late on Wednesday night, a group of around six to seven students forcibly entered the home of the Dalit teenager and assaulted him using sickles. His younger sister bravely attempted to intervene but also suffered injuries in the brutal attack. All individuals involved are reported to be students at a government-aided school.

The Dalit youth had been facing continuous harassment from this group of students, who belonged to a higher caste. Due to the relentless bullying, he had refrained from attending school. When the school principal learned of the situation, he summoned all students and sternly warned them against such behavior.

On the fateful evening, the accused individuals issued dire threats to the Dalit student. Later that night, they invaded his home and carried out the vicious attack with sickles.In the wake of the assault, relatives and neighbors of the Dalit boy staged a protest. Tragically, during the demonstration, a relative of the teen collapsed and was declared deceased upon arrival at the hospital. (MK Stalin)

Tirunelveli Police swiftly apprehended the six juveniles on various charges, including violations under the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The minors have been sent to an observation home. (MK Stalin)

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