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CM Yogi Launches “Meri Mati, Mera Desh” Initiative, Amplifying ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ Vision

CM Yogi Adityanath Unveils Shilaphalakam, Highlights New India’s Unity and Progress

Lucknow, 09 August (City Times): A resolute stride towards fostering unity and embracing a renewed spirit of national progress, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi), on Wednesday, inaugurated the “Meri Mati, Mera Desh” campaign by revealing a symbolic Shilaphalakam (Foundation Stone) on the momentous occasion of the 98th anniversary of the Kakori Rail Action. An official statement from the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) confirmed the significant move.

Addressing a captivated audience during the event, CM Yogi passionately asserted that the ongoing ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ or “Festival of Independence” has unveiled a compelling vision of a rejuvenated India. In this new era, the Chief Minister emphasized, every citizen is to be treated with equal respect and dignity, devoid of any discrimination based on caste, creed, or religion.

In a heartfelt tribute, CM Yogi paid homage to the valorous revolutionaries, the courageous soldiers safeguarding the nation’s borders, and the individuals who have played a pivotal role in enhancing internal security. The official release reiterated the Chief Minister’s profound gratitude.

The Chief Minister fervently encouraged citizens to capture selfies at the Martyrs’ Memorials, advocating for the unfurling of the national flag at every household. “The Tricolor embodies our collective pride and should grace every residence,” he fervently articulated.

As per the statement, CM Yogi articulated a compelling call to action, urging citizens to stand steadfast at their respective locations from August 13th to 15th, symbolically venerating the soil and paying homage to the valiant heroes who have shaped the nation’s destiny.

In a solemn reflection, CM Yogi marked August 14, 1947, as a solemn reminder of the harrowing partition of India, vowing to prevent any further divisions at all costs. Asserting the mantra of ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ or ‘One United, Supreme India,’ the Chief Minister reinforced the importance of national unity.

Conscious of civic responsibilities, CM Yogi emphasized, “Teachers are entrusted with the mantle of education, students must dedicate themselves to learning, social workers are called to elevate society, and those in administrative roles must discharge their duties with utmost integrity. Neglecting civic duties is tantamount to betraying the nation.”

Highlighting the generational significance of the times, the Chief Minister expressed, “Though the present generation did not experience the exhilaration of our initial independence, they are privileged to actively partake in the commemoration of India’s 75th year of freedom.”

“As we stand resolute as the world’s fifth-largest economic powerhouse, surpassing the era of two centuries under British rule, India emerges to lead the G-20 assembly, charting a course towards self-reliance,” declared CM Yogi, accentuating India’s pivotal global influence in shaping a more luminous tomorrow.

Revisiting history, the Chief Minister reflected on the Kakori Rail Action, a seminal moment that marked the genesis of a collective realization of India’s determination to shrug off foreign rule. A steadfast spirit pervaded the resistance led by stalwarts like Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil, leading to the rebellion’s notable financial gains, as recounted in the official release.

The essence of a united India, fortified by the sacrifices of remarkable individuals such as Birsa Munda, was highlighted on International Tribal Day. CM Yogi praised the pivotal role played by the tribal community in India’s journey to freedom, affirming India’s profound heritage.

CM Yogi rallied the people of the state to embrace the ‘Meri Mati, Mera Desh’ or ‘My Land, My Nation’ campaign, reaffirming that every gram panchayat and municipal body would stand united through Shilaphalakam.

At the event, the Chief Minister extended poignant honors to the families of the immortal martyrs who have etched their legacy into the annals of freedom struggle history. The release further detailed that CM Yogi administered the oath of ‘Panch Pran’ (Five Vital Elements) to the attendees, an embodiment of their pledge to usher in a self-reliant and developed India by 2047.

Venturing beyond formal responsibilities, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath sowed the seeds of saplings within the lush expanse of Amrit Vatika, embodying the cultivation of aspirations. He also engaged in a thought-provoking exploration of an exhibition commemorating the martyrs, encapsulating the depth of sacrifice and valor that continue to inspire generations, as outlined in the official statement.

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