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Revolutionizing Coastal Security: SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023 Unveils 5 Key Strategies

Strengthening National Defence through Collaboration and Innovation

Key Highlights of the National Coastal Security Conclave

Gandhi Nagar,08 December(City Times): Coastal Security Conclave SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023: In a ground breaking initiative, Rashtriya Raksha University hosted the “National Coastal Security Conclave – SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023” on December 8, 2023. The event, organized by the School of Integrated Coastal and Maritime Security Studies (SICMSS) in collaboration with the National Academy of Coastal Policing (NACP), brought together over 150 armed forces personnel from various agencies.

Understanding Coastal Security: A Focus Coastal Security Conclave SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023

Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Vice Chancellor of Rashtriya Raksha University, underscored the significance of coastal security in India. He defined coastal security as a comprehensive policy addressing territorial sea access, marine environment protection, and prevention of unlawful activities. The conclave explored recent developments, government initiatives, sea exercises, and technological advancements in coastal security.

Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi’s Vision: “Hum Taiyyar Hai!

Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, lauded Prof. Patel’s efforts. The conclave, themed “SAMUNDRARAKSHAN,” aligned with the vision and mission of “Hum Taiyyar Hai” (We are ready). Vice Admiral Tripathi highlighted the Indian Navy’s role in ensuring the safety of the nation’s coastlines. He shared insights into HADR operations, coastal security schemes, and advancements in technology.

Coastal Security Conclave SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023: Innovations and Initiatives in Coastal Security

Mr. Sushil Goswami highlighted the initiatives of SICMSS, Rashtriya Raksha University, including the Gujarat Marine Police Training Model. This model, aiming for nationwide implementation, focuses on research, education, and training in coastal and maritime security law. The collaboration with NACP Okha ensures comprehensive training programs.

Gratitude and Recognition

Expressing gratitude to Chief Guest Vice Admiral Dinesh K Tripathi, Rear Admiral Anil Jaggi, and Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Mr. Goswami emphasized their continuous support.

Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU): Empowering National Security

Rashtriya Raksha University stands as a pioneer in education, research, and training for national security. It aims to develop skilled professionals, contributing significantly to India’s security preparedness.

National Academy of Coastal Policing (NACP): Safeguarding India Shoreline

Established in 2018, NACP is India’s first academy training police forces for effective safeguarding of the Indian shoreline. With a multi-agency approach, it involves paramilitary and defense forces, ensuring comprehensive training.

In conclusion, SAMUNDRARAKSHAN 2023 stands as a collaborative effort to strengthen India’s coastal security. The conclave, with its insightful discussions and initiatives, marks a significant step toward a more secure and prepared nation.

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