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Amit Shah Seeks Opposition’s Cooperation for Manipur Debate

Amit Shah Extends Invitation for Discussion

New Delhi, Jul 25 (City Times) : Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, took a proactive step in resolving the Manipur issue by reaching out to opposition leaders Mallikarjun Kharge and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. In a letter, Shah sought their “invaluable cooperation” in initiating a constructive debate on the matter within the parliamentary setting.

Call for Rising Above Party Lines

The identical letters, addressed to Kharge, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, and Chowdhury, the Congress leader in Lok Sabha, emphasized the government’s readiness to engage in a comprehensive discussion on the Manipur issue. Shah urged all parties to put aside partisan interests and come together to address this pressing matter.

Government’s Commitment to Resolve

In his communication with opposition leaders, Amit Shah reaffirmed the government’s commitment to resolving the Manipur issue in a collaborative and inclusive manner. He expressed hope that all parties would join hands to find a satisfactory resolution to the unfolding situation.

Disrupted Parliament Proceedings

Since the commencement of the Monsoon session on July 20, both Houses of Parliament have faced disruptions, with opposition parties seeking a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Manipur violence before engaging in discussions.

Home Minister’s Assurances

During his address in Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah made it clear that he has already communicated to opposition leaders about the government’s willingness to engage in a detailed debate on the Manipur issue. He assured that the government is prepared for an extended discussion, accommodating the time required for a comprehensive examination of the matter.

Opposition’s Focus on Manipur Violence

The opposition has been directing its efforts towards holding the government accountable for the Manipur violence, following the surfacing of a distressing video depicting the ordeal of two women on May 4. The video showed the victims being stripped and paraded naked by a mob.

Progress in Investigations

In response to the shocking incident, Manipur Police have taken swift action, arresting several individuals seen in the video. The police have registered a case at the Nongpok Sekmai police station in Thoubal district, citing charges of abduction, gang rape, and murder against unidentified armed miscreants.

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