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Michaung Cyclone May Hit Tamil Nadu In Next 3 Days ; Huge Rain, Water Logging In Several Part Of Chennai

Cyclone Alert in Chennai: Cyclonic storm ‘Michaung’ forming in Bay of Bengal prompts Tamil Nadu rainfall alert.

Chennai on Orange Alert: Anticipates Heavy Rain Amid Northeast Monsoon Surge

Residents urged to follow safety measures with fishermen warned against sea activities.

Chennai, 29 November(City Times): Cyclone Alert in Chennai: Chennai faces potential cyclone threat as a weather system brews in the south Andaman Sea. Conflicting forecasts leave residents uncertain about the cyclone’s impact, raising concerns. Meanwhile, Chennai witnessed a deluge on Wednesday, resulting in severe waterlogging and traffic disruptions. The heavy rainfall has raised concerns among weather experts, with a potential cyclonic system looming over the south Andaman Sea. Let’s delve into the details.

Chennai Schools Declare Holiday Amidst Heavy Rain Forecast

chennai schools holiday: As incessant rain continues to lash Chennai, educational authorities have declared a holiday for schools in the city on Thursday. The downpour has prompted the India Meteorological Department (IMD) to issue an orange alert for Chennai and its neighboring districts, including Thiruvallur, Chengalpattu, and Kanchipuram, on December 2 and 3. In anticipation of heavy to very heavy rainfall, schools and colleges in Thiruvallur district will also remain closed tomorrow. This precautionary measure aims to ensure the safety of students and staff as the region braces for challenging weather conditions.

RMC has issued an orange alert for Chennai

The Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) has issued an orange alert for Chennai and adjacent districts as the Northeast Monsoon gains momentum. A well-marked low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify, prompting concerns of heavy to very heavy rain in Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu, and Villupuram districts on December 2 – 3.

The low-pressure area, initially over the south Andaman Sea, has evolved into a well-marked low-pressure area. Meteorologists anticipate its north westward movement, likely transforming into a cyclonic storm by December 2. The orange alert suggests potential risks of intense spells, with coastal districts, especially Chennai, bracing for significant rainfall.

Cyclone Formation and chennai rain forecast:

Chennai Weather Updates: A weather system is evolving in the south Andaman Sea, sparking debates among meteorologists. IMD awaits intensification to predict landfall, while private forecasters suggest Chennai might experience only light rain. Bloggers’ Insight: Bloggers anticipate heavy rainfall across north Tamil Nadu, irrespective of the cyclone’s landfall area. Variations in weather models contribute to uncertainties, leaving meteorologists cautious about predictions.

Chennai Rain News: IMD Forecast and Cyclone Michaung

The low-pressure area formed over the South Andaman Sea is expected to move west-north-westwards. IMD Official Forecast intensification into a depression over the southeast Bay of Bengal by November 30.

Chennai Rain News: Potential Cyclonic Storm in Tamil Nadu :

Further northwestward movement may lead to the system developing into a cyclonic storm. Naming the cyclone ‘Michaung’ is proposed, following Myanmar’s suggestion. IMD’s Director highlights the challenge of predicting the cyclone’s path before it becomes a depression. Model variations initially suggested Odisha coast, later changing to south Andhra Pradesh for potential landfall.

Cyclone Alert in Chennai: Unprecedented Rainfall Hits Chennai

Chennai faced unprecedented heavy rainfall, causing waterlogging in various parts of the city. Significant flooding was reported at the new bus stand Kilambakkam, while waterlogging affected Kuralbattai G.S.T. Road. Commuters faced extensive traffic jams stretching from Koyambedu to Anna Nagar, exacerbating the city’s transportation woes.

DateRainfall (mm)Affected Areas
2023-11-29HeavyKilambakkam, Anna Nagar
2023-11-30ModerateKoyambedu, Chengalpet
2023-12-01ThunderstormsKuralbattai G.S.T. Road

Chennai Current Weather Situation : Chennai Weather Updates:

Chennai experienced rainfall in the past days, creating a foundation for potential cyclonic impact. Over the next 48 hours, light to moderate rainfall with thunderstorms and lightning is anticipated. Weather blogger Pradeep John indicates a likelihood of increased rain from November 29 to the first week of December. Regardless of the cyclone’s path, significant rainfall is expected in north Tamil Nadu.

DateForecastCyclone Impact
November 30Depression formsLandfall area prediction
December 2-5Rainfall expectedCyclone’s impact on Chennai

Formation of Cyclone Michaung and Its Track

The low-pressure area, currently over the south Andaman Sea and the adjoining Malacca Strait, is projected to move north-westwards. By November 29, it is expected to concentrate into a depression over the southeast Bay of Bengal and subsequently intensify into a cyclonic storm within the following 48 hours.

Chennai Rainfall Expectations and Precautions

This weather system is poised to bring widespread rainfall to Tamil Nadu throughout December. Presently, variations in the system’s movement make it challenging to predict specific areas of rainfall. The Cyclone Center Director, P Senthamarai Kannan, emphasized that the cyclonic storm is currently 400 kilometers away, hindering precise predictions until the low-pressure intensifies over the Bay of Bengal in the next two days.

Cyclone Michaung Naming and Collaboration with Myanmar

It’s noteworthy that the cyclone’s name, ‘Michaung,’ was suggested by Myanmar, signifying international collaboration in tracking and naming weather events.

28.11.202330-3124-25Partly cloudy. Light/Moderate rain with thunderstorm & lightning.Thunderstorm & lightning likely.
29.11.20233124-25Partly cloudy. Light/Moderate rain with thunderstorm & lightning.Thunderstorm & lightning likely.
30.11.20233024Partly cloudy. Moderate rain with thunderstorm & lightning.Thunderstorm & lightning likely.
01.12.202329-3024Partly cloudy. Moderate rain with thunderstorm & lightning.Thunderstorm & lightning likely.
02.12.20233024Partly cloudy. Moderate rain with thunderstorm & lightning.Thunderstorm & lightning likely.
03.12.20233024Partly cloudy. Moderate rain is likely.NIL
04.12.20233024Partly cloudy. Moderate rain is likely.NIL

Note: Data is recorded from 08:30 IST to 08:30 IST of the next day.

Short-term Weather Outlook for Tamil Nadu

Over the next two days, Tamil Nadu can expect light to moderate rainfall accompanied by thunderstorm activity. For Chennai specifically, moderate showers are predicted during the evening hours, with partly cloudy sky conditions persisting for the next few days.

Cyclone Michaung Impact on Coastal Activities In Tamilnadu

Fishermen have been issued a warning by Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) Department officials, advising against venturing into the sea until Friday. Squally weather conditions, with wind speeds ranging from 40 kmph to 45 kmph, are anticipated over the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, prompting fishermen to return to the shore promptly.

Cyclone in chennai: Safety Measures and Preparedness

In light of the impending cyclonic storm, safety measures and preparedness become paramount. Residents and authorities need to stay vigilant, following weather updates and advisories closely.

Chennai Rain News: Stay Informed and Stay Safe

As Tamil Nadu braces for the formation of cyclonic storm ‘Michaung,’ uncertainties in its trajectory make early precautions essential. Collaborative efforts between nations and continuous monitoring will play a pivotal role in mitigating potential risks associated with the impending weather event. Keep an eye on official meteorological updates and adhere to safety instructions. Preparedness is key in the face of nature’s unpredictable patterns.

Chennai on high alert due to Michaung cyclone

Chennai residents remain on high alert as the cyclone threat looms. The dynamic weather situation and contrasting forecasts demand continuous monitoring. The uncertainty emphasizes the need for preparedness, with the possibility of heavy rainfall impacting the region in the coming days.

Chennai grapples with the aftermath of heavy rainfall, with waterlogged streets and disrupted traffic causing inconvenience to residents. The uncertain forecast regarding the potential cyclone adds to the challenges faced by the city. As authorities monitor the situation, residents brace for continued rainfall and its potential implications on daily life.

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