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Tamil Nadu Caste Discrimination Case: Arrest of 6 Men for Assault, Stripping, and Urinating on Dalit Youths

Dalits stripped and urinated in Tamil Nadu: Another Shocking Case of Caste-Based Violence in Tamil Nadu

Dalits stripped and urinated in Tamil Nadu: Urgent Need for Action Against Caste Discrimination

Chennai, 02 November(City Times): Dalits stripped and urinated in Tamil Nadu: Caste discrimination continues to plague Tamil Nadu, with a recent incident in Tirunelveli district adding to the disturbing trend. Six inebriated men were arrested for brutally assaulting and humiliating two youths from a lower caste, further highlighting the urgent need to address the deep-rooted issue of caste discrimination.

2 Dalit youths subjected to a horrifying ordeal in Tirunelveli district

In yet another shocking case of caste-based violence, two Dalit youths were subjected to a horrifying ordeal in Tirunelveli district. The assailants, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, not only assaulted the victims but also stripped them and urinated on them. The incident, which occurred on Monday, came to light on Wednesday when the victims reported the attack to the Thatchanallur police.

Drunk assailants inquired about caste Of victims and Thrashed Them

The victims, Manoj Kumar (21) and his friend Mariappan (19), were returning home after a bath at the Tamirabharani river when they encountered the accused, who were allegedly consuming liquor near the river. The assailants stopped the youths, inquired about their native place and caste, and upon learning that they were from a Dalit community, subjected them to a brutal assault. The victims were held against their will, assaulted with logs and rods, and humiliated by the attackers, who also robbed them of Rs 5,000 and their mobile phones.

Thatchanallur police took swift action

The victims managed to escape and seek refuge at a relative’s house nearby. They contacted their parents, who rushed them to the hospital. The Thatchanallur police took swift action after the victims filed a complaint, registering cases under the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The six accused, identified as Ponnumani (25), Nallamuthu (21), Aayiram (19), Ramar (22), Siva (22), and Lakshmanan (22), were arrested and later produced before a court.

Violence solely because of caste Of Victims

This incident has once again exposed the harsh reality of caste discrimination in Tamil Nadu, where such cases have been on the rise. The victims of this heinous act were subjected to violence solely because of their caste, highlighting the urgent need for societal and legal reforms to combat this deeply ingrained issue.

Previous Incident Of Caste Discrimination In Tamil Nadu

The incident is a stark reminder of the brutal attack on two siblings, a 17-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister, which occurred in Vallioor, Tirunelveli district, in August. The siblings, both belonging to the Scheduled Caste, were students at a government-aided school and had complained to the authorities about caste-based harassment by upper-caste students. The boy was allegedly forced to run errands for his classmates, including buying cigarettes, and decided to stop attending school due to the relentless harassment.

Following the boy’s complaint to the school headmaster, who issued a warning to the accused students, the situation escalated. The three students barged into the victims’ home and viciously attacked the boy. His sister, who tried to intervene, was also subjected to violence. Neighbors, hearing their cries for help, rushed them to Nanguneri government hospital, and they were later transferred to Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital for further treatment.

Urgency of addressing the issue of caste discrimination

These recent incidents shed light on the urgency of addressing the deeply entrenched issue of caste discrimination in Tamil Nadu. The violence and discrimination faced by Dalit communities must be met with swift and stringent legal action, coupled with a collective effort to eradicate caste-based prejudices and ensure justice and equality for all citizens.

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