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Danish Ali BJP controversy: Explosive Accusations By BJP, BSP MP Danish Ali’s Defence, And the Unresolved L0K SABHA Clash

Danish Ali BJP controversy: MP Danish Ali Said-‘Narrative set for lynching me outside My House’

New Delhi, 24 September (City Times): Danish Ali BJP controversy: In a recent controversy in the Lok Sabha, BSP MP Danish Ali found himself at the center of a political storm after being verbally abused by BJP leader Ramesh Bidhuri. However, what followed was a war of words and allegations between the two parties, with each accusing the other of instigating the incident. As the political landscape heats up, let’s delve into the details of this altercation and its implications.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : The Verbal Altercation

The incident in question occurred during a parliamentary discussion on Chandrayaan-3. Ramesh Bidhuri, a BJP MP, has been accused of using derogatory language and abusive remarks against Danish Ali. The severity of his comments was such that they were expunged from the official Parliament record.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : Calls for Strict Action

Unsurprisingly, the opposition swiftly demanded stringent action against Bidhuri for his offensive remarks. However, as of now, the Lok Sabha Speaker has issued only a warning to the BJP MP, cautioning him against repeating such behaviour in the future. The BJP party has also asked Bidhuri to provide an explanation for his conduct.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : Counter-Allegations

Adding fuel to the fire, BJP leader Nishikant Dubey wrote to the Speaker, urging an investigation into the “unsavory remarks” allegedly made by Danish Ali. He claimed that Bidhuri’s outburst was provoked by Ali, who used highly “objectionable and blasphemous” words against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : Danish Ali’s Defence

Danish Ali, on the other hand, vehemently defended himself against Dubey’s allegations. He regarded them as “completely baseless” and accused the BJP of orchestrating a false narrative to incite violence against him outside the House. Ali even suggested that Dubey’s accusations might warrant a breach of privilege case against the BJP leader.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : Allegations of Repeat Offending

While Nishikant Dubey acknowledged that Bidhuri’s comments were unjustifiable, he asserted that Danish Ali had a history of misconduct. He insinuated that Ali was planning to switch allegiance to the Congress and that both of them were attempting to portray that “minorities are not safe” in India.

Danish Ali BJP controversy : Ongoing Controversy

Despite Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh expressing deep regret for Bidhuri’s remarks, the controversy refuses to die down. Opposition parties, including the Congress, the TMC, and NCP, have written to the Speaker, demanding severe action against Bidhuri. All parties involved, including the BJP, the Opposition, and BSP leader Danish Ali, seem determined not to let this matter fade away easily. As political tensions continue to escalate, the nation watches closely, awaiting the resolution of this heated debate in the hallowed halls of the Lok Sabha.

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