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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Asserts Indian Army’s Resolve: Will Cross LoC to Safeguard Country’s Interests

Rajnath Singh’s Powerful Message on 24th Kargil Vijay Diwas at Drass Memorial

India’s Unyielding Commitment to Sovereignty and Bravery Amidst Unpredictable Conflicts

New Delhi, 26 July (City Times): In a resolute proclamation, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh affirmed that the Indian Army will not hesitate to cross the Line of Control (LoC) when it comes to safeguarding the nation’s interests. During the commemoration of the 24th Kargil Vijay Diwas at the Kargil War Memorial in Drass, Singh emphasized India’s peace-loving nature while asserting its unwavering commitment to centuries-old values. In a show of political will, the Minister granted the Armed Forces a free hand to eliminate any threats to the nation’s sovereignty, unity, and integrity.

India’s Peaceful Stance with a Clear Warning

Singh clarified that while India is a peace-loving nation that upholds international laws, it will not hesitate to cross the LoC if the need arises to protect its interests. He reminded the audience that during the Kargil War, India’s decision not to cross the LoC did not imply an inability to do so. He reasserted that if necessary, the Indian Army can and will cross the LoC in the future.

The Role of Political Will

The Defence Minister credited the current Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for providing the much-needed political will that was previously lacking. He expressed the firm support of the people and Parliament for the Armed Forces, emphasizing that they have complete faith in the soldiers’ capabilities.

Bravery and Spirit as Essential Weapons

Highlighting the lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Singh stressed that wars are not only won with weapons and bombs but also with bravery and an indomitable spirit. He urged the public to be mentally prepared to support the Armed Forces directly if the nation ever requires it. According to his assertion, “Every citizen of India must stand prepared to embrace the mantle of a soldier.”

India’s Foundation of Sacrifices

Rajnath Singh paid tribute to the sacrifices made by bravehearts, emphasizing that India’s current stature rests upon their dedication. He lauded the valour and commitment of the Armed Forces, which have time and again stood tall in times of crisis. The Minister referred to “Operation Vijay” as a testament to India’s grit and determination in the face of adversity.

Honouring Heroes of the Kargil War

During the Vijay Diwas ceremony, Rajnath Singh laid a wreath at the Kargil War Memorial, paying homage to the courageous soldiers who displayed unparalleled bravery during the 1999 war. The event saw the presence of war heroes, Veer Naris, and the families of fallen soldiers. The Defence Minister commemorated the heroic deeds of several bravehearts, acknowledging their enduring inspiration for future generations.

A Triumph of Resilience and Determination

In 1999, Pakistani soldiers and militants had occupied numerous peaks along the LoC from Drass to Batalik sector, posing a threat to the strategic Srinagar-Leh highway during the Indian Army’s winter retreat. In response, the Indian Army, along with the Indian Air Force, launched a massive operation to reclaim the occupied territory. After 74 days of intense battles in treacherous mountain terrain and hostile weather, the Indian Army successfully regained its territory.

July 26: A Symbol of Victory and Resolve

Since then, July 26 has been observed as Vijay Diwas, with Drass serving as the main venue for the commemorative events. The day stands as a symbol of India’s triumph over adversity and its unwavering resolve to protect its interests and stand tall against any challenges that come its way.

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