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Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video: Shocking Outrage After Unexpected Lovey-Dovey Behaviour in Delhi METR0 Stuns Millions

Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video: Outrage Erupts Over Delhi Metro Video: A shocking viral video in the Delhi Metro shows a bizarre exchange of spitting Soft Drink between a couple, leaving commuters and social media users in disbelief and calling for action.

New Delhi, 11 October,(City Times): Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video: In recent times, the Delhi Metro has been dominating social media discussions, not due to its commendable services, but for the astonishing and peculiar antics of some of its passengers. From romantic gestures to spontaneous dance-offs, conflicts, and more, the Delhi Metro has witnessed a broad spectrum of human behavior. However, one recent incident has transcended all norms, leaving the public flabbergasted. A video of this perplexing incident is swiftly circulating on various social media platforms, and the public’s response is seething with criticism for the couple at the center of it all.

The Viral Video: An Extraordinary Episode

The viral video stars a young woman comfortably seated in a metro coach, while a young man occupies a spot on the floor before her. What unfolds next is genuinely baffling. The man unfurls a beverage and proceeds to offer it to the woman. To everyone’s astonishment, she doesn’t consume it; instead, she regurgitates the liquid back into the man’s mouth. This baffling act ignites an even more bizarre exchange.(Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video)

Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video

Showing Love By Spitting in Each Others Mouth

The woman opts not to ingest the beverage but rather spews it into the man’s mouth. In response, the man reciprocates by spitting the liquid back into her mouth. This unusual and distasteful ritual persists for a considerable duration, rendering fellow metro passengers dumbfounded.(Delhi Metro Couple Soft Drink Video)

The Backlash and Public Fury

This astounding exhibition of intimacy has triggered a wave of indignation among commuters and the denizens of social media. The video, originally shared by @pioneerbhatt on the microblogging site X, carries the caption, “New day, New Delhi metro scene.” Its contents have sent viewers into a state of shock and initiated fervent calls for stringent measures against the involved couple.

Video has left onlookers perplexed

Public displays of affection are far from rare, but this particular occurrence in the Delhi Metro plunges into an entirely distinct realm. The exchange witnessed in the video has left onlookers perplexed, pondering what peculiar circumstances could have culminated in such conduct in a public domain. The public’s strong reaction against the couple’s actions vividly underscores the profound discomfort triggered by this unsettling video.

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