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Unprecedented ₹335 Crore Cash Haul in Dhiraj Sahu Raids: Ongoing Counting Reveals More

318 Crore Cash Haul Shakes Congress: BJP Questions Silence

Massive 335 crore cash recovery in income tax raids linked to Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu prompts BJP criticism and questions Rahul Gandhi’s silence, raising political controversies.

Bhuvnewshwar,10 December(City Times): Dhiraj Sahu Raids: In a shocking turn of events, income tax raids at premises linked to Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dhiraj Sahu have led to the recovery of an astounding ₹335 crore in cash. The counting of this massive cash haul is currently underway at the main branch of the State Bank of India in Bolangir, Odisha.

Record Breaking Cash Recovery in Dhiraj Sahu Raid

This cash recovery stands as the largest in history, and the amount is expected to rise as the counting process continues. The marathon raids, initiated on December 6 by the income tax department, primarily targeted Boudh Distillery Private Limited, its promoters, and others. The focus was on alleged tax evasion and “off-the-book” transactions.

Counting Operations at Full Swing

As of now, the counting process is unfolding at the main branch of the State Bank of India in Bolangir. SBI officials anticipate completing the counting of all recovered cash by midnight. The meticulous operation involves 50 bank officials utilizing 25 machines to count the substantial amount.

Origin of Recovered Currency From Dhiraj Sahu

According to reports, the income tax department suspects that the cache of currency originated from cash sales of country liquor. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigations into alleged tax evasion and undisclosed financial transactions.

Political Responses and BJP’s Questions on Dhiraj Sahu

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has raised questions about the conspicuous silence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi regarding the matter. Union minister G Kishan Reddy questioned Gandhi, stating that approximately ₹200 crore was seized from Dhiraj Sahu’s offices, emphasizing the need for a response from the Congress leader.

Congress Distances Itself From Dhiraj Sahu

Dhiraj Sahu Raids

While the Congress has distanced itself from Dhiraj Sahu, the party has called for clarification from the MP. Jharkhand Congress chief Avinash Pandey emphasized that, as a Congress MP, Sahu should provide an official statement regarding the significant amount of money discovered during the raids.

BJP’s Criticism and Demands for Answers on Dhiraj Sahu

Several BJP leaders, including JP Nadda, K Laxman, Dharmendra Pradhan, and Meenakashi Lekhi, have criticized the Congress over the income tax raids. They have demanded answers from Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability regarding the seized cash.

Dhiraj Sahu Raids & International Anti-Corruption Day Coincidence

Interestingly, BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya pointed out the coincidence that the recovery of nearly ₹300 crore occurred on International Anti-Corruption Day and the birthday of the “owner of ‘Corruption Ki Dukan’ (shop).” He insinuated that the recovery is evidence of the Congress party’s alleged involvement in corruption.

Congress Response on Social Media Regarding Dhiraj Sahu Case

In response to the raids, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh took to social media to clarify that the party has no connection to Dhiraj Sahu’s businesses. He emphasized that only Sahu can explain the substantial amount of cash reportedly discovered by income-tax authorities at his properties.

The ongoing counting operations and the subsequent investigations into the origin of the recovered cash are likely to uncover further details in this unprecedented case of financial scrutiny. As the political discourse around the raids intensifies, the need for transparency and accountability remains at the forefront.

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