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DMK Hunger Strike: Statewide Uproar Against NEET Launched By Udhayanidhi Stalin From Chennai’s Valluvar Kottam

DMK Hunger Strike:As a poignant tribute, the stage displayed pictures of medical aspirants like S Anita of Ariyalur, who tragically lost their lives due to the pressures of NEET

Chennai, 20 August(City Times) A significant hunger strike has been initiated by Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister MK Stalin-led DMK, urging the elimination of the National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test (NEET). The protest, helmed by state Minister and Youth Wing chief of the party, Udhayanidhi Stalin, is rapidly gaining momentum.

At the inauguration of the strike in Chennai’s Valluvar Kottam, Udhayanidhi Stalin was joined by influential DMK leaders, including Duraimurugan, Ma Subramanian, and PK Sekar Babu. Additionally, party MPs, MLAs, and Chennai Mayor Priya R actively participated in DMK Hunger Strike.

Honoring Lost Aspirants:

As a poignant tribute, the stage of Strike displayed pictures of medical aspirants like S Anita of Ariyalur, who tragically lost their lives due to the pressures of NEET. This visual representation served as a somber reminder of the human toll caused by the test’s challenges.

Voices Against NEET:

The strike’s core purpose is to advocate for the complete abolition of the central qualifying test. This demand has intensified in the wake of a recent tragic incident involving a 19-year-old medical aspirant in Chennai. Having struggled to pass NEET twice, he took his life in the Chromepet area. Grief-stricken, his father also succumbed two days later.

Demand for Change:

The heart-wrenching demise of Jagadeeswaran, discovered deceased in his room on August 12, has catalyzed the movement against NEET. Duraimurugan emphasized that DMK has consistently opposed NEET due to its adverse impact on students’ welfare. Despite Tamil Nadu’s repeated appeals, the central government has not heeded their pleas to discontinue NEET.

Resolutions and Waiting:

Notably, both the previous AIADMK administration and the present DMK rule passed resolutions against NEET in the state Assembly. Currently, an anti-NEET bill awaits approval from the President.

Heightened Conflict:

The controversy surrounding NEET has escalated between the state government and the Raj Bhawan. CM Stalin firmly asserted that Governor RN Ravi lacks the authority over the bill, describing him as an individual with a ‘cold heart’. He emphasized that the Governor’s stance remains unchanged, regardless of the mounting casualties attributed to NEET-related stress.

Tribute and Protest: DMK’s Response

In a solemn moment, DMK party leaders in Chennai observed a minute’s silence to honor the memory of NEET aspirants who tragically died by suicide in Tamil Nadu. The leaders also took a stand by staging a protest against the state Governor RN Ravi’s refusal to ban the NEET examination within the state. This demonstration highlights the party’s determination to address the concerns surrounding the contentious examination and its impact on the students’ well-being.

NEET Protests Grip Tamil Nadu: Demanding Reform in Medical Entrance Exam

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing widespread protests and fervent demands for reforms in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), a standardized medical entrance exam. The state, known for its strong stance on education, has seen students, parents, and political leaders come together to voice their concerns about the impact of NEET on aspiring medical students.

Students and Parents Unite:

Thousands of students and concerned parents have taken to the streets in various parts of Tamil Nadu to protest against NEET. They argue that the exam places undue stress on students, particularly from rural and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Critics claim that the exam favors urban students who can afford coaching and private education, exacerbating inequalities in access to medical education.

Political Backing:

The NEET protests have garnered support from political parties in the state, notably the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam). The ruling party in Tamil Nadu has been vocal about its opposition to NEET, citing concerns about the wellbeing of students and the diversity of medical aspirants. DMK’s involvement has given the movement political momentum, turning it into a larger advocacy campaign.

Calls for Reformation:

Amid the protests, demands for reforms in the NEET exam process have gained traction. Protesters are urging the central government to consider alternative admission criteria that take into account the state’s unique socio-economic conditions. They propose prioritizing class XII board exam scores over a single entrance test, which they believe will provide a more holistic evaluation of students’ abilities.

The NEET protests in Tamil Nadu highlight the growing discontent over the impact of the medical entrance exam on students’ mental health, accessibility, and the broader educational landscape. As the state continues to mobilize its collective voice, it remains to be seen how these protests will influence policy changes at both the state and national levels.

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