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DMK Mupperum Vizhaa : DMK Celebrates 3 Festival; Udayanidhi Highlighted Upcoming Youth Conference, Stalin Said-During DMK’s Mupperum Vizhaa, I wholeheartedly Conveyed Our Mission In Strong Way To Unite Under The INDIA Alliance And Replace The Divisive BJP Regime

DMK Mupperum Vizhaa : Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, travelled from Chennai to Katpadi by train to attend this significant event. His arrival was met with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the gathered supporters and party members

Chennai,17 September(City Times): DMK Mupperum Vizhaa : The DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) traditionally celebrates the triple festival of Periyar’s legacy, Anna’s birthday, and the foundation day of the DMK. This year, however, marked a significant occasion as it also commemorated the Karunanidhi Centenary, celebrating 100 years since the birth of M. Karunanidhi, a prominent DMK leader and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

To honour these occasions, a grand festival was organized, attracting participants from across Tamil Nadu. A vast stage pandal was erected near the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway at Kandaneri, Vellore, where various programs were scheduled throughout the day. The festivities aimed to pay tribute to the party’s historical leaders and its rich legacy.

Chief Minister Stalin’s Participation : DMK Mupperum Vizhaa (Watch Video)

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin travelled from Chennai to Katpadi by train to attend this significant event. His arrival was met with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the gathered supporters and party members. In anticipation of the Chief Minister’s visit, Vellore had heavy police security measures in place, involving the deployment of approximately 2,000 police officers to ensure the safety and smooth execution of the event. Additionally, authorities imposed restrictions on the flying of drones in Vellore during this period.

MK Stalin Marks DMK’s 75-Year Journey: A Beacon of Democracy

Celebrating 75 years of unwavering resilience, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) stands tall as a symbol of democratic achievement in South Asia. Founded by Perarignar Anna in 1949, the DMK’s journey represents a quiet, rational revolution achieved through democratic means. Today, we stand stronger than ever.

The enduring legacies of Thanthai Periyar, Perarignar Anna, and Muthamizharignar Kalaignar have sculpted Tamil Nadu’s political landscape into a unique entity. We honor their invaluable contributions as we steadfastly pursue our mission for progress and social justice.

During #DMK’s #MupperumVizhaa, I wholeheartedly conveyed our mission: to unite under the #INDIA alliance and replace the divisive BJP regime. I call upon our dedicated cadre to strive for victory in all 40 MP constituencies in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Let’s not merely celebrate our 75-year journey; let’s seize this moment to shape India’s destiny. Together, we can dismantle the oppressive BJP regime and usher in an era of unity, progress, and prosperity.

Honouring Achievements and Contributions

During the DMK Pavaal function, several awards were presented to individuals who had made remarkable contributions to the party and society. K. Sathyaseelan was honored with the prestigious Periyar Award, recognizing his significant efforts in line with the principles of the party’s founding leader, E.V. Ramasamy, commonly known as Periyar. Similarly, the Anna Award was presented to Sundaram, while I. Periyasamy received recognition for his achievements as an artist.

Many senior leaders of the DMK attended the function, adding to its significance and grandeur. As various speakers addressed the gathering, the response of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK) treasurer and senior leader, Dr. Balu, to Minister Udayanidhi’s remarks during his speech drew particular attention.

Udayanidhi’s Enthusiasm and Youth Conference

Minister Udayanidhi took the stage first and expressed his excitement about an upcoming youth conference scheduled for December. He highlighted the historical significance of this conference, which was originally initiated under the leadership of M.K. Stalin when he served as the youth secretary of the DMK. Udayanidhi emphasized that the conference would be dedicated to the youth and the significant role they play in the party’s future.

In his speech, Udayanidhi praised the efforts of the senior leaders and conveyed his respect and admiration for them. He also acknowledged that no one could surpass their contributions to the party. Udayanidhi’s enthusiasm and commitment to the youth conference were evident as he expressed his unwavering dedication to its success.

DR Balu’s Response to Udayanidhi’s Speech

Following Minister Udayanidhi’s speech, it was DR Balu’s turn to address the gathering. In his response, DR Balu shared his thoughts on Udayanidhi’s remarks about the upcoming youth conference. He acknowledged Udayanidhi’s respectful tone and demeanor during his speech.

However, DR Balu raised an intriguing point about Udayanidhi’s reference to the conference’s success. He commented on Udayanidhi’s statement that the conference would be held for 50% of its capacity.

DR Balu encouraged Udayanidhi to lead by example

DR Balu continued by emphasizing that Udayanidhi holds a significant leadership position within the organization. He encouraged Udayanidhi to lead by example and expressed the view that Udayanidhi’s dedication and commitment should set the standard for others to follow. In doing so, he hinted that the conference should not merely aim for 50% but should aim higher, aspiring to reach its full potential.

Balu extended his best wishes to Udayanidhi

In conclusion, DR Balu extended his best wishes to Udayanidhi, indicating his belief that the youth conference would undoubtedly achieve great success under Udayanidhi’s leadership. His supportive and encouraging words conveyed the party’s unity and shared goals, highlighting the importance of working together for the betterment of the DMK and its future endeavours.

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