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ECIL Remarkable Contribution Boosts Aditya L1 Mission’s Communication

ECIL Remarkable Contribution: Set Up An Indigenous 18-Meter Antenna In Bylalu Village, Located About 40 kilometers From Bangalore

Hyderabad,02 September (City Times): ECIL Remarkable Contribution: Communication is a crucial aspect of space missions, and the Aditya L1 mission by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is no different. For effective communication, both the spacecraft and the ground need antenna systems. The Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), a government enterprise under the Department of Atomic Energy, is contributing significantly to the Aditya mission by establishing the ground station antenna network.( ECIL Remarkable Contribution)

The Indigenous 18-Meter Antenna in Bylalu Village

ECIL has set up an indigenous 18-meter antenna in Bylalu village, located about 40 kilometers from Bangalore. This antenna is a vital component of the Aditya mission’s communication system. What makes it unique is that it’s a monopulse earth station antenna, the first of its kind. ECIL, in collaboration with BARC and ISRO, designed, developed, manufactured, and commissioned this cutting-edge antenna system. ECIL Remarkable Contribution)

Precise Communication with Aditya Spacecraft

This earth station antenna employs state-of-the-art technology to accurately track and communicate with the Aditya spacecraft, which orbits the sun at a distance of approximately 15 lakh kilometers from Earth. It plays a pivotal role in data acquisition and video transmission for the mission.

Additionally, this antenna is an integral part of the Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN), which facilitates interplanetary communications. ECIL had previously supplied a 32-meter Deep Space Network antenna to IDSN, which is also a part of this network. Furthermore, ECIL has provided ISRO with 11-meter antenna systems to support tracking and telemetry.

ECIL’s contribution highlights India’s growing capabilities in space technology and its commitment to the success of the Aditya mission.

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