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First Ever Petrol Retail Outlet Managed by Women Prisoners Of Country Opens Near Chennai

-Empowering Women Prisoners and Promoting Rehabilitation: A Unique Initiative by Tamilnadu Govt By Opening First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet

  • -The “FREEDOM” brand by the Tamil Nadu Government encompasses a diverse range of products created by inmates
  • -Minister for Law, Courts and Prisons, and Correctional Services, S. Regupathy, graced the Inaugration event of petrol pump operated by women Prisoners

CHENNAI, 10 August(City Times): First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet: In a pioneering step towards rehabilitation and empowerment, the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services has inaugurated a petrol bunk exclusively managed by convicted women prisoners near Puzhal prison on Thursday. This groundbreaking endeavor marks the First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet operated by women prisoners in the country.

The Central Prison system, in collaboration with the Indian Oil Corporation Limited, operates five petrol bunks within the premises of Central Prisons, including locations like Puzhal, Vellore, Coimbatore, Palayamkottai, and Borstal School Pudukkottai, all functioning under the brand name “Freedom Filling Station”.

The cumulative financial performance of these outlets, including sales, net profit, and wages paid to prisoners, has been impressive. Up to March 31, 2023, these outlets collectively generated sales of Rs. 847.31 Crores, net profit of Rs. 23.94 Crores, and wages amounting to Rs. 2.37 Crores.

Particularly, the Puzhal Freedom Petrol Retail outlet contributed Rs. 218.23 Crores in sales, Rs. 5.64 Crores in net profit, and provided wages of Rs. 45.83 Lakh within the same timeframe. First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet will set an example for other states also.

Recognizing the significance of this initiative, the Government sanctioned the establishment of six additional petroleum retail outlets in the outer premises of Central Prisons, including locations like Puzhal, Coimbatore, Trichy, Madurai, and Salem.

The ceremonial inauguration of the “Freedom Filling Station” First Women-Managed Petrol Outleton Ambattur Road, Puzhal, near the Special Prison for Women, took place on Thursday. Honorable Minister for Law, Courts and Prisons, and Correctional Services, S. Regupathy, graced the event. The “Freedom Filling Station” will provide employment to approximately 30 female prisoners, each receiving a monthly salary of Rs. 6000.

This momentous occasion witnessed the presence of distinguished personalities such as S. Sudarsanam, M.L.A. Madavaram, Amaraesh Pujari, I.P.S., Director General Prisons and Correctional Services, V.C. Asokan, Executive Director & State Head Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry IOCL, and other esteemed prison officials.

This remarkable endeavor of opening First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet aligns with the department’s commitment to prisoner reformation and rehabilitation, demonstrated through various schemes including education, skill development, and vocational training. Moreover, the establishment of “PRISON BAZAAR” within prison campuses has allowed inmates to contribute to society through the creation and sale of various products under the brand name “FREEDOM”.

This unique initiative enables prisoners to earn daily wages and a share of the profits, providing a meaningful pathway to Women Prisoners towards reintegration into society.(First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet)

The “FREEDOM” brand by the Tamil Nadu Government encompasses a diverse range of products created by inmates as part of their rehabilitation and reformation efforts. Some of the products offered under the “FREEDOM” brand include:

  1. Leather Goods: Leather shoes, belts, and other accessories crafted with precision and skill by prison inmates.
  2. Readymade Garments: Stylish and quality male and female clothing items, reflecting the craftsmanship of the inmates.
  3. Handcrafts: Unique and artistic handcrafted items that showcase the creativity and talent of the prisoners.
  4. Notebooks: High-quality notebooks and stationery products produced by inmates, contributing to educational endeavors.
  5. Nursery Products: A variety of plants, saplings, and nursery items cultivated and nurtured by prisoners.
  6. Compost Manure: Environmentally-friendly compost manure, promoting sustainable practices and agricultural growth.
  7. Bakery Items: Freshly baked bakery products, providing a taste of skillful culinary creations.
  8. Paintings: Artistic expressions in the form of paintings and artworks showcasing the talents of inmates.
  9. Cold Press Oils: Healthy and natural cold-pressed oils extracted from various sources, offering nutritional benefits.
  10. Vegetables: Fresh and locally grown vegetables produced through sustainable agricultural practices.

These products not only reflect the efforts of male and Women prisoners to contribute positively to society but also offer consumers a chance to support rehabilitation initiatives while obtaining high-quality, locally-made items.

The “FREEDOM” brand of the Tamil Nadu Government was established as part of their reformation and rehabilitation initiatives for prisoners. The specific date of its establishment is not provided in the given text. However, the information shared indicates that the government has been implementing various schemes for the reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners, and the establishment of the “PRISON BAZAAR” under the “FREEDOM” brand is one of those initiatives.(First Women-Managed Petrol Outlet)

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