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G-20 Summit Security Measures: HIT Commandos and State-of-the-Art Weapons To Ensure The Safety Of The Dignitaries

G-20 Summit Security Measures: HIT Squads The Secret House Intervention Team (HIT) squads are the ace in the hole for ensuring security during the G-20 Summit. These elite squads have been strategically placed within all hotels across the city

New Delhi,29 August(City Times): G-20 Summit Security Measures: As India prepares to host the G-20 Summit, Delhi is abuzz with preparations, especially in terms of security. The government has left no stone unturned to ensure the safety of the dignitaries attending the summit. Amid the grand arrangements, a significant focus is on the security protocols.

Delhiites are also getting a short break, with holidays declared on the 8th, 9th, and 10th. Behind this facade of relaxation, an intricate security web is being woven, ready to spring into action if necessary.

Unveiling the Secret Weapon:

HIT Squads The Secret House Intervention Team (HIT) squads are the ace in the hole for ensuring security during the G-20 Summit. These elite squads have been strategically placed within all hotels across the city, standing ready to handle any potential emergencies or hostage situations that might arise during the high-profile event.

Understanding the HIT:

House Intervention Team The government’s priority is the safety and security of global leaders and distinguished guests who will be converging in Delhi. To achieve this, the HIT squads have been carefully stationed in hotels that are hosting the guests. These squads are trained extensively to handle various scenarios, making them an invaluable asset during critical events.

HIT squads are geared up with Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles :

Equipped for Any Challenge Armed with Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles and American Glock 17 pistols, the HIT squads are geared up to respond to any unforeseen circumstances that might threaten security. Their directive is clear: to take necessary actions in case of emergencies. A senior intelligence official emphasized the strategic positioning of these teams, stating, “Their location is thoughtfully chosen, situated centrally within each hotel near the main venue. The commander is well-informed about their positioning.”

HIT teams function on an intelligence-driven approach

A Watchful Eye for Unwavering Safety The HIT teams function on an intelligence-driven approach, meticulously surveying the surroundings and focusing on crucial points within the venue. Their vigilance is unmatched, promptly addressing any suspicious or objectionable activity. These teams were conceptualized in the aftermath of the 26/11 terrorist attacks, designed specifically to counter urban warfare scenarios within confined spaces. Their specialized training equips them for the unique challenges posed by such situations.

Delhi prepares to welcome global leaders:

A Reassuring Shield for G-20 Summit As Delhi prepares to welcome global leaders, the deployment of HIT squads and state-of-the-art weaponry reinforces the message that safety remains paramount. The HIT squads, functioning behind the scenes, act as a steadfast shield, ensuring the security and success of the G-20 Summit. This strategic preparation showcases the nation’s commitment to hosting a secure and successful international event.

HIT squads underscores the nation’s dedication:

Strengthening Security, Ensuring Harmony The initiation of HIT squads underscores the nation’s dedication to maintaining harmony and security during the G-20 Summit. Amid diplomatic dialogues and discussions on global challenges, India stands ready to manage any unexpected turns of events with utmost efficiency. The presence of HIT squads serves as a testament to India’s resolve to ensure a peaceful and secure environment for all attendees.

Airlines Request Flight Cancellations Ahead of G20 Summit:

As the G20 Summit 2023 approaches, the Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), responsible for the Indira Gandhi International Airport’s operations, has found itself inundated with requests from various airlines seeking the cancellation of flights scheduled around September 9 and 10. However, the reasons behind these requests diverge from the initial assumption that a shortage of parking space for aircraft is the primary cause.

DIAL Clarifies the Flight Cancellation Scenario:

In response to the growing concern and speculation regarding the flight cancellations, DIAL issued a statement to shed light on the matter. The statement articulated the organization’s immense pride in India’s pivotal role as the host of the G20 Summit 2023. Contrary to rumours, the surge in flight cancellations is not connected to the availability of parking space for airplanes. DIAL reassured the public that ample parking facilities have been arranged well in advance.

Decisions by Airlines Driven by Summit-related Traffic Restrictions:

The DIAL statement went on to elucidate the rationale behind the surge in flight cancellations. It clarified that airlines, individually and independently, have taken the decision to cancel flights primarily due to anticipated traffic restrictions arising from the G20 Summit. This strategic move aims to ensure the smooth operation of the summit and minimize disruptions to its proceedings.

Projected Impact on Air Travel and Rescheduling Efforts:

It is anticipated that the cumulative effect of these flight cancellations could lead to approximately 80 affected arrivals and 80 departures, affecting around 1,000 flights in total. The magnitude of this impact is not insignificant, prompting airlines to work in close collaboration with relevant authorities to mitigate inconveniences for passengers. In an effort to accommodate the altered flight schedules, certain airlines have even been advised to reposition and temporarily park their aircraft at alternative airports.

Navigating the Extended Weekend and Congestion Advisory:

Considering the changes in the air travel landscape due to the G20 Summit, local authorities have made certain adjustments. September 8 has been officially designated as a non-working day in Delhi, aligning with the summit’s schedule. This strategic move creates a long weekend opportunity for travellers to consider exploring destinations beyond the city.

Delhi Police’s Travel Advisory: Preparing for Congestion:

With the impending influx of dignitaries, delegates, and visitors during the G20 Summit, the Delhi Police have issued an advisory to the public. As a proactive measure, they recommend that individuals and commuters allocate extra time for their travel plans during the summit days. The advisory aims to ensure that individuals can navigate potential traffic congestion and arrive at their destinations punctually, even in the face of increased road traffic.

In essence, the convergence of the G20 Summit and the bustling operations of the Indira Gandhi International Airport has prompted a series of adjustments and considerations. As India prepares to host this global event, strategic planning is crucial to ensuring the seamless coordination of both air travel operations and the summit proceedings.

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