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Heightened Security Concerns: Threat Call Issued over Pakistani Woman Seema Haider’s Stay in India

Mumbai Police received a threat call warning of a 26/11-like attack if Pakistani woman Seema Haider did not return to Pakistan

Summary: Mumbai Police received a threat call warning of a 26/11-like attack if Pakistani woman Seema Haider did not return to her country. The caller, speaking in Urdu, held the Uttar Pradesh government responsible. The police are investigating the call, tracking the IP address to identify the source of the threat.

Mumbai, 14 JULY(City Times): In a disconcerting turn of events, the Mumbai Police traffic control room received an alarming threat call regarding the presence of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, in India. The unidentified caller, speaking in Urdu, ominously warned of a potential 26/11-like terror attack unless Haider returned to her home country. Blaming the Uttar Pradesh government, the caller instilled a sense of urgency and raised questions about the safety and security of those involved. Mumbai Police, aided by the crime branch team, is leaving no stone unturned in their investigation, determined to apprehend the perpetrator behind the call.

Threat Call Received to Mumbai Police traffic control room

The Mumbai Police traffic control room recently received a threat call regarding the stay of a Pakistani woman, Seema Haider, in India. According to an official, an unidentified person made the call on July 12, raising concerns about a potential 26/11-like terror attack if Seema did not return to Pakistan. The caller communicated the message in Urdu, emphasizing that the Uttar Pradesh government would be held responsible for any such incident. The Mumbai Police, in collaboration with the crime branch team, is currently investigating the threat call to ensure the safety and security of the individuals involved.

Investigation into the Threat Call begins

As the threat call made through an app, the Mumbai Police are working diligently to trace the IP address of the caller. The use of technology has allowed the authorities to narrow down their search and determine the origin of the call. By leveraging their resources and expertise, the police aim to identify the person responsible for making the threat. The involvement of a crime branch team further underscores the seriousness with which this matter is being handled. The priority remains to apprehend the individual and prevent any potential harm or disruption to public safety.

Seema Haider’s Unlawful Entry and Arrest

Seema Haider, a Pakistani national, entered India illegally with the intention of marrying her lover, Sachin Meena, a resident of Greater Noida. The couple had initially connected through the popular online game PUBG, and their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. However, their illegal stay in India led to their subsequent arrest by the police. Despite this, they were granted bail by a court in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, last week. The circumstances surrounding their entry and subsequent arrest have raised questions about border security and the need for stricter measures to prevent such incidents.

Plea for Marriage and Stay in India

On July 4, Sachin Meena and Seema Haider publicly declared their love for each other in the presence of the media and local authorities. The couple made an emotional plea, urging the government to allow them to marry and reside together in India. Their heartfelt appeal highlighted the complex issues surrounding cross-border relationships and the challenges faced by individuals in similar circumstances. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how their case will unfold and what implications it may have on the broader discussions surrounding immigration and inter-country relationships.

Woman’s Husband Urges Modi Government to Repatriate Wife and Children

Gulam Haider, the husband of Seema Haider, has made a heartfelt plea to the Indian government. From Saudi Arabia, where he currently resides, Haider released a poignant video appeal, imploring the Narendra Modi government to facilitate the safe return of his wife and children to Pakistan. Expressing concerns about his wife’s alleged manipulation through the lure of PUBG, Haider emphasized the importance of reuniting their family. He expressed gratitude to the Indian media for their unexpected support and acknowledged their role in helping him locate his loved ones. This story highlights the intricate complexities of cross-border relationships and the profound impact of online connections on individuals’ lives, calling for compassion and swift resolution to ensure the wellbeing and unity of families involved.

Heightening Security Measures Amidst Cross-Border Concerns
The threat call targeting the stay of Pakistani woman Seema Haider in India has raised serious concerns about security and cross-border relationships. Mumbai Police’s diligent investigation, including tracking the IP address, reflects their commitment to ensuring public safety. This incident emphasizes the need for enhanced security measures and stricter border control. It also underscores the complexities surrounding inter-country relationships and the challenges faced by individuals caught in such situations. As the authorities continue their efforts, finding a balance between compassion and maintaining security remains a crucial task in the modern global landscape.

sequence of events how Seema Haider entered India illegally
Seema Haider’s journey to India unfolded in a sequence of events marked by uncertainty and legal complications. Initially, she travelled to dubai an took a flight to Nepal. After reaching Nepal She entered India illegally, driven by her desire to be with her Indian lover, Sachin Meena, whom she had met through the online game PUBG. However, their unlawful stay led to their subsequent arrest by the police. Despite the legal hurdles, the couple’s plea for marriage and their emotional appeal garnered attention from the media and the public. Eventually, they were granted bail, sparking discussions about border security and the challenges faced by cross-border couples.



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